15 November 2005

Worring and the Renaissance Fair

Did I ever tell you internet that I am a worrier. Well, I am. I have been worring about my body falling apart. Along with my cyst (which I still have) and cervix (I still have it too) I had a questionable mole on my stomach. I finally went today and had it removed. It went just fine, almost no pain at all during the actual procedure. It is a little sore now but nothing compared to the other pain I have been in lately. I am glad to see it go. I could just kick myself right now for laying in those stupid tanning beds in the 80's. I am not sure if there is any connection with the mole and the tanning bed but I do know that mole only popped up about four years ago and it has looked like trouble ever since.

Rita, Veronica, Elizabeth, and I went to North Carolina last weekend for the Renaissance Fair. We had so much fun. I took baby Roman with us and he was an angel. Aside from crying in the car for about twenty minutes on the way up there he was very good. He hates car seats and the girls were all like he is OK he will get over it and I am like OMG pull over he is crying and it is killing me. He did eventually calm down but it was the longest twenty minutes of my life. I am going to put them in my next post.....mmmmk.


RitaPita said...

To set the record straight.

he cried for 10 minutes.

I'm just saying :)

HotMama said...

Ok, the real story, It was more like 30 minutes. I trying to not ritapita look like a MOSTER to let a innocent baby cry for 30 long minutes.

Poor poor roman....

RitaPita said...

this is war woman.