28 July 2005

OOOOh, How Hot Can One Gay Man Be?

OK anyone who nows me know that I have had a mad crazy love for Elton John for years. As unpopular as it may be I could not help myself. He is so great. I even have one of his songs picked out for my funeral. I even went as far as dressing up and stripping down to nothing but a pair of 5 inch heels and Elton John glasses while dancing to Crocodile Rock in my working days. I was happy to do it and loved to see the confused faces of my customer's faces as I stripped to a obviously gay man's song in their hetrosexual world.

After seeing these pics of Elton I so totally take him over Lenny anyday. Go here to RitaPita's house to know what I am talking about. Please have a gander at this very sexy Mother Fucker!!!

I am so wanting him even more right now I can not even tell you.

And Kris if you are reading Rita said that Elton John looks very much like your husband in these pics. What do you think? Tell Dale not to freak out that dosn't make him gay but I might be looking at him a little bit differntly from now on. Maybe if he dosn't talk I can fantasize he is my living breathing young sexy Elton John. But he can't talk and Fuck it all up! Love you Dale

One day I am going to get the nerve up to email Oprah and beg here to make my wildest dreams come true and let me meet him. She could do it Oprah can do anything, except shop were she wants to in Paris. But other than that she can do anything. Including letting me kiss the shoes of a man that would never be interested in me in the least because of my stupid vagina.

27 July 2005

To Anonymous

Fuck You!!!! and you are a week late. Oh and its always easy to hide behind anonymous.

Fucking Coward!

24 July 2005

Shhh...Listen, Its the Other Shoe Falling

Well it finally happened, Roman is sick. His little cold is 4 days old and he is pitiful. He is so stuffy he snorts like a little pig. (that part is actually funny) I took him to doctor and they assured me it is only a cold but after spending 7 days in the NICU just 5 weeks ago I am very paranoid.

I am dying to post more. I really am very surprised at how much time a infant takes up. I think I thought since I am older now that I would be more in control of the situation but I was wrong. this human being that just reached the size of a large bag of suger is in charge of every thing in my life. I mean I don't take a shit without passing it by him first. He thinks about it, eats, poops, lets me change his diaper, insist that I kiss him one hundred times and sing Hollaback Girl to him then grants permission to my request to poop. I then must shit faster thane any human being should be ask to do and the process starts all over again.

Ok really Does anyone have any usefull info on home schooling. ( not you Will. I know you do not like it) I have like 2 weeks to figure this out. HELP!!!!!!

20 July 2005

Waving the White Flag

Ok, I for one cannot go on like this. I am truly sorry to anyone that I may have hurt with my words. I have held much in for so long and now it is out. I hope that those that were hurt by what I said can forgive me and we can move on from here.

19 July 2005

Things That Make You Go HMMMMM

I am feeling out of sorts today. Do you ever have those days where you feel like everything is closing in on you? Like you are just waiting for it to close in. Thats how I am feeling today. I feel like Roman is getting sick so I feel like I am sitting and waiting for that. I am trying to make a major decision on the boys education. I don't know where to start on finding information on home schooling. That's making me feel icky! I am feeling weird about a comment made in my last post from my former preacher. This feeling kinda feels like a fever. It makes my skin feel heeby jeeby and my hands a little shaky.

I also want to say how much I really enjoyed our small BBQ. It has been ages since I have been a function that the men congregated on the outside while the women (and Will) on the inside. I love that I truly do. It felt like a good old fashion BBQ that you sit around and just relax and talk about kids, school, and work. It was good, I hope to do that again soon.

Thanks Dottie for the scarf. I love it!

14 July 2005

The Post With No Name

Well I guess I have writers block. I have been racking my brains for days trying to think of something to write about but cannot come up with anything. So obviously I must write about that. I will also to follow up soon with stripper tale #2. I know, I know it has been a ridiculous amount of time since stripper tale #1. But give me a break people I am typing one handed here.

I must also say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby here. Today is Franks 33rd birthday (I think, I am really bad at keeping up with birthdays) we are planning a very small BBQ tonight. This will be much smaller in comparison to BBQs held last year for the sheer fact that we apparently have cooties and ran all of our "friends" off. I only bring this up because I am still a little bitter and pissed about the whole thing and still do not understand how you have 20 million friends one day and then 10 the next. Not that 10 are bad most people would be very happy to have 10 friends, even one would be good enough for them. I am just angry because the group of friends we had were also the church we went to and we were always told that it would not be easy but we would have to love each other through the "crap" anyway. Apparently this motto only applies to a chosen few. I know this will come off like am really pissed and I am dwelling on this but I am not. I am only thinking of it today because it is Franks birthday and even though we are having some really great friends over tonight, the one person I know Frank would love to have here will not be here because of this shit, and that makes me very sad. This person is really really missed by Frank even though he would never say it. So I chose today to mourn the death of that friendship for my husband.

Well I am off to clean the house before tonight. I also must cut my fingernails because I stabbed my poor 5 week old baby with one and feel like SHIT about it.

06 July 2005

Roman is 1 month old

Well time is flying by so fast. Roman turned 4 weeks old yesterday. My little boy has gone from sounding like a monkey to a bear. He growls and grunts constantly even in his sleep. He never sleeps more than an hour at a time. Which means I never sleep more than thirty minutes at a time. By the time I get Roman settled and laid down and than spend the next half an hour checking to make sure he is breathing I am up again with him in another half hour. Do not by any means think that I am complaining because I am not. I am enjoying every tiring moment with my little angel. I feel so blessed to have him and I make sure that when I am looking at him through a fog of sleep deprivation I stop to thank God for what I have. Roman still has all his hair but his eyelashes have gone from an almost invisible shade of red to a more visible red.

He sleeps with his hands over his head just like his father. I can say that I am madly in love with this child. I knew that I was already in love with him when I was pregnant but my heart fills close to bursting now that he is here. I have even seen a softer side to Frank. It is weird to see the grumpiest and most negative man in the world baby talk and sleep with his baby son on his chest at 3:30 in the morning because I am exhausted. I love to watch his eyes light up when he walks in the door after work and he lays his eyes on Roman. It makes me love him more and more everyday.

Well that is the end of this very mushy post. Thanks for bearing with me.

02 July 2005

It's His Party, I'll Cry If I Want Too

Nelson informed me last night that he:

Had a party in his Pants


I look at him trying not to laugh because I know my son has zero idea of what he is saying. "Where did you hear that expression from?" He tells me Cody. OH??

Well as long as he is the only one at the party I guess its ok to have it. Right?????