28 July 2005

OOOOh, How Hot Can One Gay Man Be?

OK anyone who nows me know that I have had a mad crazy love for Elton John for years. As unpopular as it may be I could not help myself. He is so great. I even have one of his songs picked out for my funeral. I even went as far as dressing up and stripping down to nothing but a pair of 5 inch heels and Elton John glasses while dancing to Crocodile Rock in my working days. I was happy to do it and loved to see the confused faces of my customer's faces as I stripped to a obviously gay man's song in their hetrosexual world.

After seeing these pics of Elton I so totally take him over Lenny anyday. Go here to RitaPita's house to know what I am talking about. Please have a gander at this very sexy Mother Fucker!!!

I am so wanting him even more right now I can not even tell you.

And Kris if you are reading Rita said that Elton John looks very much like your husband in these pics. What do you think? Tell Dale not to freak out that dosn't make him gay but I might be looking at him a little bit differntly from now on. Maybe if he dosn't talk I can fantasize he is my living breathing young sexy Elton John. But he can't talk and Fuck it all up! Love you Dale

One day I am going to get the nerve up to email Oprah and beg here to make my wildest dreams come true and let me meet him. She could do it Oprah can do anything, except shop were she wants to in Paris. But other than that she can do anything. Including letting me kiss the shoes of a man that would never be interested in me in the least because of my stupid vagina.


Jeffs place said...

Life can be a cruel sonofabitch. Stuck with a vagina. Things have a way of working out all in all usually though, You probably can find a man that would dress up in a feather boa and sunglasses and sing to you, as long as said vagina was part of the equation. Women really do have all the power in this world.

Kristina said...

No offense taken!! I have always told you my husband was a sexy man!!

Love you!!!
ps - I won't tell Dale you said so!

RitaPita said...

ohhhhh... she is SO going to tell Dale! :)