27 July 2005

To Anonymous

Fuck You!!!! and you are a week late. Oh and its always easy to hide behind anonymous.

Fucking Coward!


RitaPita said...

When I first saw the comment that Robin is reffering too.. I thought.. must be a joke. But then.. why is it under annon?

Robin has apoligized to anyone she hurt.

Unfourtunatly, some people can't take the high road.

Save the drama for your mama.
Leave HotMama out of it.

laurenbove said...

How anonymous is like the terrorists: Both hide their identities because they are cowards.

Anonymous said...

if you would read it as a nusery rhyme you would realize i meant that i do not believe you have cooties,but alas you syke yourself up into thinking the worst!this is the last post .good bye.

HotMama said...

see ya!!!!