30 March 2006

Ducky PJ's

Roman is trying very hard to get mobile. He can scoot across floors on his butt is this postiion

Wanted to get a picture of him in these PJ's before he outgrew them because they are so darn cute. He is sitting in my $13 glider. Still makes me smile!

Patty Cake

29 March 2006

Belly Gallery

12 Weeks

16 Weeks

20 Weeks


24 March 2006

A Little Something To Get You Through The Weekend

Roman on his Daddy's lap eating broccoli. Stupid camera always leaves red or white eyes. I get tired of fixing it so I left it.

Roman loves toast with butter and cinnamon/suger. He ate all of that plus some baby food. Pig.

Roman started eating big boy food this week because he is not gaining weight. Here he is eating ham, broccoli, and lima beans and rice. I also have to supplement one feeding a day with formula which sucks but if it helps I will. Roman always looks high in pictures. Maybe I shoudn't have boiled his broccoli in bong water.

What you don't see is Ritapita and I playing with him (and reading trashy mags) at the bookstore while we waited on our movie to start. That kid is so freakin cute!

New Ticker

22 March 2006

The Truth

I had to go through the quiz to get the questions to do this because I forgot what I ask. I am going to go through each one and give an explantion to each question.

1) My favorite singer is Elton John. Love Him. I have for a really long time and I don't care who laughs at me for it. Incidentally this information is covered in my profile.

2) Ok this is the question that upset my husband. Most people who know probably did say police officer because I have always said that. My first major in college was medical because I wanted to be "Quincy" See most people don't even know who that is. Including most of my friends who on the average are about 10 years younger than I am. I switched my major to history because I wanted to be a college professor and I super sucked at math and science which is apparently is a must to be a ME. Then last but not least I switched to Criminal Justice/Soc where I finally felt at home.

Now my husband said that I was still doing the History major when we met. So there is no way he would have known aboput the other. I say "Hello!" That's where listening comes in handy during the get to know you stage of a relationship.

3) Yes, I sadly lost my virginity in a graveyard. Well actually, in a Camry that was parked in the graveyard. It was my boyfriends senior prom. After two and a half years of waiting the deed took place in the back seat while I still wore a blue prom dress.

4) Queen Latifah pops up in my dreams all the time. Not all sexual but some have been Weird, right?

Only Rita knows about my Queen Latifah dreams. Well, until this quiz.

5) I love Coke. Remember March 1, Ash Wednesday. When I gave it up for Lent.

6) All of the movies listed I adore. But If Lucy Fell is my all time favorite. Can't explain why. Just is. Again, in my profile. (I'm just saying)

This was a trick question to my husband because he knows I like all of these movies. He chose Knotting Hill because I am always looking for that one to buy. We can never find it.

7) This too was covered a couple of post back. Feb. 3, to be exact. I am getting the impression that even though you may read I am not leaving a permanent mark in some of your heads'. We are gonna have to change that.

8) I am a TV/Movie watcher. I really am hooked on the three shows listed. I used to have 'Lost' on that list but they bore me now. My only complaint is, they show to many damn reruns and not enough new shows. I HATE that!

9) Out of all the names I listed Sage is my favorite. I am trying to get Frank to feel the same way about it. It is growing on him. We have pretty much decided that Olivia will be her middle name. I guess we will see. I have started calling her "What's her name" until he decides what ihe wants to name our dauhgter.

19 March 2006

My Turn

Now we will see how well every knows me. I know for a fact there is one question that only Rita know the answer to. we will see if anyone can guess the right answer. Have fun!

Frank you better get at least 8 out 9 of these right.

Frank is pissed because he missed 3 out of nine. He says I never share my dreams with him and this the first he has heard of what I wanted to be when I grow up. I say he never listens to me.

He also signed under the scoreboard as "me" which makes it look like I failed my own quiz.

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It's Like A Sickness, I can't stop Taking These Quizes

You Are 40% Boyish and 60% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

17 March 2006

23 weeks Pregnant


I went to the OB yesterday. I was officially 23 weeks yesterday but my belly measures 25 weeks. I have no idea what that means. The midwife said that I just may have a big baby in there.After having 4 little ones I highly doubt that.

I have finally gained some weight. As of last checkup at 19 weeks I had only gained a half a pound for the whole pregnany because of morning sickness. So I was very happy to gain five punds making a grand total of 5 and a half pounds now. Yeah!!!! With Roman i had already gained like 20 punds so I was very worried. I feel better now and with the combination of big belly I REALLY feel better.

My Blood Preasure looked good which is great because of my history of non-pregnant high BP. Baby girl's heartbeat sounded great. I am showing no signs of preterm labor and only have slight itching going on. All looks good.

Next appointment is on the 16th of April. Pray that I will still be itch free. I am.

16 March 2006

Wrong Number


Me: Hello
Him: Who's this?
Me: Who's this?
Him: Gigalo
Me: Ummm...Who else could it be?
Him: Longdong
Me: Hehehe...Who else could it be?
Him: Bigdaddy
Me: Ok, really who is this?
Him: Chris
Me: Chris who?
Him: Chris Mc*****
Me: I don't know any Chris Mc*****
Him: Maybe I dialed a wrong number.
Me: Yeah, but it's been entertaining.
Him: That was pretty good, huh?
Me: Yep
Him: I'll call the right number now.
Me: OK



I went to my 6 month OB appointment today I will tell you about it tomorrow. I am to tired to do it now.

13 March 2006

No Really, We Went Fishin'

This is how all Sundays should be spent. Fishing with friends and relaxing with our kids. When we left our fishing spot there were three balloons be filled and launched and we got their in time to see them do their thing. It really was a good day. Hopefully one of many for the this summer.

RitaPita and Xavier fishing in the canal beside her house.

Hotmama and Roman. Cute hat right? Not me, him silly.

Trey fixing his fishing pole. He is sooo the teen with the long hair.

Hotdaddy and Nelson. Somehow we did not get one picture of Allen. Weird.

Hotmama and Roman again. Looking hot of course. Roman, not so much Hotmama.

Roman after he put a serious hurtin' on some ginger snaps.

RitaPita's pride and joy. Notice his new snazzy Sponge Bob Square Pants fishing pole.

Hot air balloon picture number one but actually hot air balloon nuber three in launching..

This picture taken for sister-in -law that is a major Georgia fan.

How many people does it take to fill up a hot air balloon.

You can see what a gorgeous day we had yesterday.


12 March 2006

Gone Fishin'

10 March 2006

Labor Pains?

I was going to tell guys aboput this yesterday but had a busy day and I get really tired very fast now.

I woke up a 3am yesterday morning with terrible back pain. I drifted back to sleep and woke up again at 4:30 with back hurting even more. I came downstairs snd took a Tylenol. That did nothing for the back pain. At around 5:30 or so I realized that my belly seemed to hardening up. I was not really sure that it was contractions at this point, my uterus itself only comes up to just past my belly button because I am only 22 weeks along. I lay there awhile and realized that my back seem to hurt more everytime my belly got hard and this is definitely contrations. At 7am I call my midwife and she tells me to drink as much fluid as possible and lay down for half an hour. Well 30 minutes latter I feel much better. Contractions and back pain gone.

I did this with Roman but it was much latter in pregnancy so I am going to have to be careful and make sure I get plenty of fluids. It is WAY to soon for baby girl Carr to make her appearance.

07 March 2006

Dana Reeves

I have just learned the news that Dana Reeves has died after her fight with lung cancer. This news makes me very sad. I have, like many others, wacthed her over the years as she stood by and took care of her husband before his death. I always wondered where she found the fortitude to do what she did for so many years. I don't think many woman would do that.

Now this leads me to today. After being such a good person for so many years and she was finally given the chance to live it was all taken from her. I can never understand how one family can go through so much. I think of their son. How one boy can loose both parents so close together.

Rest in peace Dana Reeves. You left a beautiful mark on this earth.

06 March 2006

It's All About Baby Girl Carr (and Roman and Me and God)

Had a pretty good weekend. We went to the Jr. League Sale I found quite a bit of things that I was looking for. I found many baby girl items I needed. Roman came home with as much if not more than baby girl Carr. I also found a glider rocker for $13. Can you believe that. $13! I am so happy. I have 2 more attic type sales planned for the next two weekends and I am hoping to get most of the things I need for this baby girl. This is not counting the wonderful items that will be showered upon her May 13 at the shower my friend Jen is planning and all the things her grandmother and aunts will be getting for here spoiled ltiile unborn self.

Also I just wanted to say that I think miracles can happen. I have been praying for weeks that the horrible itching that usually comes along with my pregnancy would not happen this time. And as of know, it hasn't. How cool is that? I had started some mild itching the in last month but that has dissapeared in the last 5 days or so!

03 March 2006

(Insert Angels Singing Here)

It finally happened. After wrestling my baby son for over a hour trying to get him to sleep. He slept from about 11:30 (not positive on this time because I was in a benadryl daze myself) until 6:45 this morning. In his crb. Never waking. Not even for his pacifier. At one point I was convinced he had died in his sleep and nearly went into a panick until I put my hand on his chest to make sure he was breathing. At 6:45 I got him out of his crib and nursed him back to sleep until almost 9:oo this morning.

I however woke 4 times to pee.

02 March 2006

Four, Three, Two, One

Once there were Four. A happy Four. A well matched Four.

Four that were divided directly in half by ten years. Tens years did not matter though because what this Four shared were the same. The same shitty childhoods. The same search for a higher being. The same appreciation of laughter. The same sort of mistakes through life that makes a number. A real number. Number One brought laughter. Number Two brought a laid back and "whatever" attitude that was the envy of all around her. Number Three brought compassion and unconditional love. Number Four brought a motherly quality but never knew what else because it is hard to see from the inside out.

But this Four was not meant to be. One day Number One informed number Two, Three, and Four that this endeavor was not working anymore and she was moving on to greener pastures. Two, Three and Four were confused and of course turned it into the "breakup of all times" joke but tried to move on, growing closer together. Two, Three and Four had the time of their lives for a while. They laughed more than most do in a life time. They were their for each other when no one else could be. This threesome took adventures and did things that could only be enjoyed by such kindred spirits.

Then as it would happen Number Two became very unhappy with Three and Four and took her toys to play else were for a very long time. Leaving Three and Four to put up "Have you seen this missing number?" posters on trees and milk cartons.

That left Three and Four feeling devastated. It had been established at the beginning that this was a bruised and broken bunch of numbers. And the sudden departure of One and Two left Three and Four crumpled on the floor holding on to each other like mad, trying to find their happy place. They did. And at times it appeared this two would NEVER be torn apart

But then came the time that Three would ask Four a question and demand a honest answer. Number Four who made it a practice to keep certain things to herself, especially things that could be potentially hurtful, was not comfortable with this situation but went against her better judgment and answered the way number Three ask her to. Well all seemed fine for a while but then Number Three started to pull away. Overtime the bond that held these two was so stretched it looked like the fine strands of a spider web. Almost invisible to the naked eye. It was being held together by promises and hope. Promises of always being and the hope that it would.

Three and Four still cling to each other but they both have changed. Changed from the resolve that the Four will never be again, changed from the bruises it caused when it crashed, and changed as those do when they have to many broken pieces.

One and Two still have a relationship. Three and Four still hold desperately to theirs. Two has come back around to the delight of Three and Four. At times it almost feels like it used to except for that nagging feeling reminding Three and Four how fragile such things are. Making them get out the kid glove and handle with care because they have already seen how easily broken precious things are.


Most will not understand a damn word that was just written but to those who do don'’t over analyze. Just the ramblings of a sleepless number trying to find meaning and direction her life.

01 March 2006

Ash Wednesday

Well from my understanding today is the first day of Lent. I have never participated in this before. But for some reason I felt a stir to give something up for God when I found out today was Ash Wednesday.

The thing I have decided to give up is Coke. The soda not the drug. Duh. I gave the other up a long time ago.

When I am not pregnant I live on Coke. I have allowed myself to have one or two a week with this pregnancy. Something I did not do with Roman. I did however allow the occasional cigarette when I was pregnant with him. What the hell I thinking. That made noe sense. NO caffine but the cigarettes, OK. Anyway I'm stupid.

Ok, anyway. I LOVE me some Coke. So I am not going to have one until the day after Easter. Or is it Easter. Ooooh, I need to check because that's like a whole day I can be having a Coke.

Allright, recap, no Coke. giving it up for Lent. Stupid because I snuck cigarettes with last pregnancy. But smarter now because I am sooooo over the smoking thing. Yeah God!!!

Let's Play The Name Game

Here are a couple of names I like. Frank has already vetoed some but have been quite on the rest. This leads me to believe he does not like them. I have a favorite on this list but it is a secret.

Give me your opinion or add one to the list.