06 March 2006

It's All About Baby Girl Carr (and Roman and Me and God)

Had a pretty good weekend. We went to the Jr. League Sale I found quite a bit of things that I was looking for. I found many baby girl items I needed. Roman came home with as much if not more than baby girl Carr. I also found a glider rocker for $13. Can you believe that. $13! I am so happy. I have 2 more attic type sales planned for the next two weekends and I am hoping to get most of the things I need for this baby girl. This is not counting the wonderful items that will be showered upon her May 13 at the shower my friend Jen is planning and all the things her grandmother and aunts will be getting for here spoiled ltiile unborn self.

Also I just wanted to say that I think miracles can happen. I have been praying for weeks that the horrible itching that usually comes along with my pregnancy would not happen this time. And as of know, it hasn't. How cool is that? I had started some mild itching the in last month but that has dissapeared in the last 5 days or so!

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Bradley Egel said...

I hope your non-itching continues...for you and my wife :)

The Egel Nest