22 March 2006

The Truth

I had to go through the quiz to get the questions to do this because I forgot what I ask. I am going to go through each one and give an explantion to each question.

1) My favorite singer is Elton John. Love Him. I have for a really long time and I don't care who laughs at me for it. Incidentally this information is covered in my profile.

2) Ok this is the question that upset my husband. Most people who know probably did say police officer because I have always said that. My first major in college was medical because I wanted to be "Quincy" See most people don't even know who that is. Including most of my friends who on the average are about 10 years younger than I am. I switched my major to history because I wanted to be a college professor and I super sucked at math and science which is apparently is a must to be a ME. Then last but not least I switched to Criminal Justice/Soc where I finally felt at home.

Now my husband said that I was still doing the History major when we met. So there is no way he would have known aboput the other. I say "Hello!" That's where listening comes in handy during the get to know you stage of a relationship.

3) Yes, I sadly lost my virginity in a graveyard. Well actually, in a Camry that was parked in the graveyard. It was my boyfriends senior prom. After two and a half years of waiting the deed took place in the back seat while I still wore a blue prom dress.

4) Queen Latifah pops up in my dreams all the time. Not all sexual but some have been Weird, right?

Only Rita knows about my Queen Latifah dreams. Well, until this quiz.

5) I love Coke. Remember March 1, Ash Wednesday. When I gave it up for Lent.

6) All of the movies listed I adore. But If Lucy Fell is my all time favorite. Can't explain why. Just is. Again, in my profile. (I'm just saying)

This was a trick question to my husband because he knows I like all of these movies. He chose Knotting Hill because I am always looking for that one to buy. We can never find it.

7) This too was covered a couple of post back. Feb. 3, to be exact. I am getting the impression that even though you may read I am not leaving a permanent mark in some of your heads'. We are gonna have to change that.

8) I am a TV/Movie watcher. I really am hooked on the three shows listed. I used to have 'Lost' on that list but they bore me now. My only complaint is, they show to many damn reruns and not enough new shows. I HATE that!

9) Out of all the names I listed Sage is my favorite. I am trying to get Frank to feel the same way about it. It is growing on him. We have pretty much decided that Olivia will be her middle name. I guess we will see. I have started calling her "What's her name" until he decides what ihe wants to name our dauhgter.


Kris said...

If you do end up going with Sage, it has to be her middle name. She can go by it, but it has to be her middle name. Why? ...because it flows better.... Say it Sage Olivia and then say Oliva Sage with your last name and see which one sounds better... Just a suggestion.

Or you could name her Ophelia.


Olivia said...

Ophelia?? No, no - I think Olivia is FINE. ;D ;D ;D

Olivia Sage does infact sound better, but whatever - they're both cute. If I do say so myself. ;P

Oliviaaaa!! Haha, you dunno how happy I was about seeing that you picked Olivia for her middle!!!!


HotMama said...

I love that name, Olivia.

My mother-in-law wants olivia to be her name so we will see.

Thanks for the suggestion Kris! I will make a note of it.

marybishop said...

Stopped by to see how you are feeling (i hope well)...Sage is lovely as is Olivia.

I don't know your last name, but if it begins with a B -- I might change the order of the names...otherwise she'd be an SOB.

I think of initials after my cousin named his daughter Veronica Dixby. VD -- then another friend, prior to the acronym named her son Simon Timothy Deane...STD


HotMama said...

Oh Mary,

Now that was funny.

Last name starts with a C. So that would make it SOC. We had already thought of that. STD and VD! too Funny!