19 March 2006

My Turn

Now we will see how well every knows me. I know for a fact there is one question that only Rita know the answer to. we will see if anyone can guess the right answer. Have fun!

Frank you better get at least 8 out 9 of these right.

Frank is pissed because he missed 3 out of nine. He says I never share my dreams with him and this the first he has heard of what I wanted to be when I grow up. I say he never listens to me.

He also signed under the scoreboard as "me" which makes it look like I failed my own quiz.

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Will Sansbury said...

The Queen graces my dreams, too. Though I didn't know that about you. Was that the one that only Rita would know?

Bradley Egel said...

I am so PROUD of myself...I got a 56!

I HAVE been paying attention round here :)

The Egel Nest

Olivia said...

i loved this quiz. i seemed to laugh a lot??

maybe i shouldnt have bothered taking it..! :-( hah! oh well.


Olivia said...

also -- medical examiner is what i really felt the answer was, but picked fucking officer. what was i thinking? a cop?

HotMama said...


Yes, you are right that is the one. I don't know how you scored the highest on mine and rita's. You did better than our husbands. That is so sad for them but cool that you actually care enough to listen to us.


You have been paying attention. Good For You! Thanks for taking mu quiz. I had fun making it.


I will go into more detail about the questions and answer in a couple of days when more people have taken the test. You might not be as wrong as the test makes you think.

RitaPita said...

Damn it to hell. A 78!!!!

Trick Question for one and as the other.. I am a dumb ass. I never knew you were a gothchick.. hehe.

jenn said...

i sooooo picked grandmothers bed!!!! haha!