07 March 2006

Dana Reeves

I have just learned the news that Dana Reeves has died after her fight with lung cancer. This news makes me very sad. I have, like many others, wacthed her over the years as she stood by and took care of her husband before his death. I always wondered where she found the fortitude to do what she did for so many years. I don't think many woman would do that.

Now this leads me to today. After being such a good person for so many years and she was finally given the chance to live it was all taken from her. I can never understand how one family can go through so much. I think of their son. How one boy can loose both parents so close together.

Rest in peace Dana Reeves. You left a beautiful mark on this earth.

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Bradley Egel said...

This was VERY sad...

Nice post :)

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