27 February 2006

Belly Gallery


12 Weeks

16 Weeks

20 Weeks

16 and 20 look the same to me. They don't feel the same though. I am already feeling like i did at 7 months with Roman. Top picture is from the camara that we returned can you see why now.

26 February 2006

Reasons I Don't Sleep Anymore

1) Besides being the mother of a 8 month old, he is a 8 month old that will not sleep in his crib. I spend the night nursing and trying to figure out how to cover my shoulders up without covering his head up.

2) The baby on the inside is as active at night as the one on the outside. They take turns kickng
me internally and externally ALL night long. I am convinced that when Roman lays his head on my belly that he and baby sister are working out a schedule of who is keeping mama up amd when.

3) Frank has decided in the last 3 night to be a cover hog. Leaving me with the tassels on the bed spread to cover my evergrowing body with.

4) Pregnant hot flashes

5) Frank's cronic right pain shoulder has migrated to my right shoulder. So along with 1-4 makes it impossible for me to get comfortable.

6) Itching has started. It is quite mild and not really keeping me up scratching but the stress of knowing what is coming is.

7) Last but not least. The peeing. The constant peeing.

I have not had a real nights sleep in well over 15 months. I'm dying here! Need sleep. Must have sleep. Would cut of Frank's right arm (and shoulder) for a good nights sleep. Nothing that belongs to me for fear of missing the missing body part would keep me awake. Then that would defeat the purpose.

22 February 2006

Pizza Delivery

This link was emailed to me. I thought it was kinda funny. Have a little listen. It suppose to be how odering a pizza in 2010 will be like.

20 February 2006

I'm In Love With A Stripper

Ok, Frank and I started listening to a new radio station this weekend. It has a mix of R&B, Rap, Pop, and Rock. They kept playing these two striper songs over and over again that just made us laugh. I can't remember what the fist one was, something about shakin a ass. the second one was this, I'm In Love With a Stripper I told Frank that that was his song . Everytime we heard it we started to laugh and then try and figure out who would have danced to it back in the day. When i think about it, there is actually a lot of "ode to strippers" songs out there. Maybe one day I will get a list together.

If you can think of one let me know!

16 February 2006

God Has Smiled On Us








15 February 2006

Basketball Star

Originally uploaded by rmamacarr.

Originally uploaded by rmamacarr.

Originally uploaded by rmamacarr.

This is Hotmama's little basketball star. we have had so much fun watchin his games. They have not won yet but they get better every game!

14 February 2006

I Heart Valentines

I actually was not going to post. I have sat and thought it all day. Well in between trying to soothe the crying baby I have. It looks as though Valentines is going to shape up like my weekend. My husband as I am sure you can recall is not a "show your feeling" kinda of dude. Birthdays and Valentines are pretty much the same around here. Just another day except for the fact I sit around looking desperate all day hoping to get a little extra attention.

I would probably be over the idea of having a great romatic holiday if I never had one with him. But unfortunatly for him he showed me once that he indeed did know how to do valantines up right. I was treated to a evening of dinner, drinks in the top of the hotel he had gotten for the night, and very romantic things I cannot speak of in that said hotel. So I know the boy has it in him. So every year I hope and wish for the same treatment. Hope and Wish. Hope and Wish. Hope and Wish.

Well as I mentioned above this is not going to be the year of a repeated beautiful night. In his defence I have been pregnat the last two Valentines and Birthday for that matter and that makes planning a romantic dinner a little harder. Because in our world romance equals cocktails. Cocktails equals sex. As I have said many times my husband and I are great fans of drunk sex. Nothing beats drunk sex. It rocks! Also its kinda hard to plan around a crying baby. A baby that will stay with NO ONE but his mother. So as usual I guess I will be hoping and wishing. Hoping and wishing that next year is the magic year. But with one more crying baby on the way I have my doubts.

What's For Dinner:

Depending on how the night goes with our bad luck it with will either be

Homecooked Blackened Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo


Restaurant cooked Japanese, that has been metioned earlier in the today, if all goes well.

I guess you can figure out which one I am pulling for.

13 February 2006

What's For Dinner?

I think I might be getting bored with this. I definantly will not be doing weekend menus. My weekends are always to unpredictable.

What's for dinner?

14 Garlic Clove Pork Roast
Fried Rosemary Potatoes
Sauteed Squash
Fresh Hawaiian Sweet Bread

I so did not get enough of the potatoes last time and i want more. And what this pregnant cook wants this pregnant cook gets.

Sometimes It Just Sucks

Had A BAD fucking weekend. I want bore you with the details, because really you don't want to hear it. All I can say is, It sucked!!!!!!

Grey's Anatomy kicked ass though. I am loving that show. Invasion is one of my other favorites this season. Kinda evens out the suck in all the others.

PS: I hate being a after thought when there is nothing else to do or no one else around!

10 February 2006

What's For Dinner?

Garlic Bread

This simple meals turns into an event around here.

I have one son who will not eat sauce so he gets plain noodles doctored with butter and various herbs.

To make everyone happy I make the sauce and then sautee the onions, open black olives, and sautee the mushrooms and then put them all on the side so everyone can have their spagetti the way they want it and not he way I want it. I learn this helpful trick from my mother-in-law.

09 February 2006

What's For Dinner?

Seeing how I wore my ever growing body out making lunch. It was a good one though

Brocolli and Cheese soup
Chicken Salad

We are so having something easy. Along with being tired and having a headache, Nelson has a basketball game tonight.

Vegetable Lasagna- Very Frozen
Salad- Not Frozen

Hilton Head

This is the story of what we did this past weekend.

My sister-in-law called Friday around noon and said “hey do ya’ll want to go to Hilton Head this weekend?” I think my answer came out in squeals of delights and a “Hell yeah!” She said good we’ll be leaving at 3pm.

*Here is the part where my heart breaks

3pm! What!

After an hour of Frank trying to arrange getting his check early and me making phone cal after phone call try making arrangements with my mom and ex-husband to do the every other weekend exchange of the kids. I started packing like mad woman. For some reason in the middle of this I decided that I needed to clean my closet out. Not just clean it out but pack up all the clothes I haven’t worn in well over two years. And probably never will again. By 3pm I was packed. All of mine, Franks, and three hundred ponds of stuff it requires to travel with a baby.

We drove up with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Stopping only to pee and by cheetos and sunflower seeds for me and a hot sausage and beef stick for sis.

We got in Hilton Head at about 8:30 and went straight to eat our first fabulous dinner. There was this little tiny restaurant called Stevie D’s. A delicious New Orleans style restaurant with writing on the wall in the place of a menu and every square inch covered by something that was New Orleansey. I ate mouth watering blackened mahi here.

From there we head to out hotel to check in a get settled for the night. This is where my sister-in-law got her butt kicked in rummy. Even thought she will never admit to it.

Next morning after two hours of taking turns getting dressed we headed for a warm breakfast at Crackbutt Barrel before we started shopping at the outlets. We shopped until about 7pm and went back to the room to change for dinner.

This is when my favorite meal of the weekend happened. I had a dinner of lobster tail, stuffed flounder, and crab cakes at the place called Steamers. We then went back to the hotel and passed out.

Next morning we took the baby down to the beach. We did not do it Saturday because it was raining and unfortunately Sunday’s trip was brief because it was about 30 degrees. I took a bunch of pictures to capture this great moment of my baby seeing the ocean for the first time.

After that we shopped some more and went to a restaurant called the Crazy Crab where I ate the most delicious she-crab soup I have ever had. It was sooooo good. So good that I have bought my own ingredients to make more because that was not enough. Then we came home, perfect weekend. I am so happy to get along with in-laws. (I think I always say that but realy it is such a big deal for a good marriage.) We always have so much fun. I can’t wait until our next trip!

Roman eating his first cracker. He is getting so big. We ate alot this weekend. Mama ate lobster tail, mahi, and stuffed flounder and all Roman got was crackers.

I'm cold but i am to cute to notice!

Daddy what's over there!

Hey mama, I love you but stop taking pictures, it's freezing!

I know, can that outfit be any brighter. Look at it this way. I won't loose him. This was the lobster tail night. See how happy Roman is that I am having a yummy dinner.

08 February 2006

Whats For Dinner

I will be trying to cook last nights menu since it fell through last minute.

Have to do a quick dinner on church night anyway. We leave very early so I do not have time to do a big dinner.

Still hoping to have some pictures up soon. I have to wait for Rita to put them up for me because of my computer or blogger or whatever. It's a pain in the butt not to be able to do it myself.

07 February 2006

What's For Dinner?

Blogger just let me post today and it is late afternoon. If it is actually up and running tommorow I will tell you about my weekend. It was very good and spontaneous. I can't tell a good story without pictures so I have to make sure blogger is not going to act crazy.

What's For Dinner:

Corn Chowder
Avacodo/Bacon/Chicken Sandwiches

I stole the sandwich from a local restaurant. Mine is not as good as the original but it is damn close.


Dinner is a no go! Frank has to work late and I still have to go to the grocery store. Looks fast food in our future. Maybe we will try it tomorrow.

06 February 2006

What's For Dinner 3

Why I did not post one "What's For Dinner" this weekend will be explained latter today. And pictures too. I still have to wait for Rita to post them for me to edit because Blogger is CRAZY and won't let me upload pictures from my computer.

Cube Steak
Homemade Mashed Potaoes and Gravy
Broccolli With Lemon Pepper

One of many Southern meals my husband craves. Only draw back is standing over a hot sove frying meat for a hour and a half. Results are always yummy and the men in my life are happy.

03 February 2006


Rita tagged me for the 10 Most interesting Things about me thingy, here goes.........

1) I am obsessed with serial killers. Not the I want to marry one in jail obsessed but the I need to read, whatch, and discus as much as I can about serial killers obsessed.

2) When I was little I always had to lick my pillow before I went ot sleep. I still do sometimes.

3) My all time favorite song is War Pigs by Black Sabbath. My second favorite song is One by Metallica.

4) The first song I ever Stripped to was Livin' On The Edge by Aerosmith.

5) All time favorite movie is If Lucy Fell

6) I love war movies, always have. My favorite being Platoon

7) I am a huge Elton John fan. Have never had a chance to see him in concert but still hold out hope that it will happen one day.

8) Even thought I made a living taking my clothes off for many years. I MUST wear underwear. I think it is gross not to. Why? Women leak!

9) I have a terrible habit of hiding food from my children and then eating it in the middle of the night. These foods are all chocolate. Cookies, cake, candy bars, and candy (chocolate covered raisens, ect.).

10) I was a card carrying, rainbow flag waving, gay pride coming out of my ears lesbian for one year of my life. I mean proud. Told everyone in my life, including parents, I was never going back to men, lesbian.

OK, Now I tag Dottie!

02 February 2006

What's For Dinner? 2

Baked Porkchops
Rosemary Fried Potatoes
Asparagus Soup

Kristina and I made the Asparagus Soup for the first time 3 years ago on Valentines Day. It was so good and I have made it ever since. It is creamy with a little spice from the white pepper that goes in it and it comes aout a beautiful green color. The Rosemary Potatoes are a Frank creation. It is very simple but very very good all the same.

01 February 2006

What's For Dinner?

To break up the monotony I have decided to add "What's for Dinner?" Everyday whether you want to know or not I will telling you what I will be cooking for dinner. Every other weekend when we don't have the boys we eat out a lot but I will try to keep up with that to.

What's For Dinner?

Pizza Pie- Yummy pie type thing, with a crescant crust, I grew up on. The kids love it.

Feel free to tell me what your having for dinner. Recipes avalible upon request.....I have always wanted to say something like that.

Thanks For The Support

I went back today and looked at the comments. Thanks to Jenn for stopping by and reading too. It does feel good to know that people are actually reading the stuff I slap up here when I get a chance. I do not always have time to reply to comments but if you comment I will try to respond as fast as I can.

Basketball Update:

Poor Nelson's team got creamed but it wan't because he did not try. he even ran I knew he would. He has requested a headband because he said sweat rolls in his eyes. I guess I will be looking for the coolest sweatband I can find for my little basketball player.

I have a terrible sore throat. Going on about 3 days now. I am willing to do anything to make the pain stop. Well except for Frank's idea to "coat" it with something magic that will make it feel better. Use your imagination. He's such a ASS! Believe it or not I did not jump all over that idea, I know crazy, right. What woman wouldn't jump at that one?