26 February 2006

Reasons I Don't Sleep Anymore

1) Besides being the mother of a 8 month old, he is a 8 month old that will not sleep in his crib. I spend the night nursing and trying to figure out how to cover my shoulders up without covering his head up.

2) The baby on the inside is as active at night as the one on the outside. They take turns kickng
me internally and externally ALL night long. I am convinced that when Roman lays his head on my belly that he and baby sister are working out a schedule of who is keeping mama up amd when.

3) Frank has decided in the last 3 night to be a cover hog. Leaving me with the tassels on the bed spread to cover my evergrowing body with.

4) Pregnant hot flashes

5) Frank's cronic right pain shoulder has migrated to my right shoulder. So along with 1-4 makes it impossible for me to get comfortable.

6) Itching has started. It is quite mild and not really keeping me up scratching but the stress of knowing what is coming is.

7) Last but not least. The peeing. The constant peeing.

I have not had a real nights sleep in well over 15 months. I'm dying here! Need sleep. Must have sleep. Would cut of Frank's right arm (and shoulder) for a good nights sleep. Nothing that belongs to me for fear of missing the missing body part would keep me awake. Then that would defeat the purpose.

1 comment:

RitaPita said...

Ilove that.. 'leaving me with the tassels'.

Damn, I need to download stupid AIM so we can chat late at night again.