14 February 2006

I Heart Valentines

I actually was not going to post. I have sat and thought it all day. Well in between trying to soothe the crying baby I have. It looks as though Valentines is going to shape up like my weekend. My husband as I am sure you can recall is not a "show your feeling" kinda of dude. Birthdays and Valentines are pretty much the same around here. Just another day except for the fact I sit around looking desperate all day hoping to get a little extra attention.

I would probably be over the idea of having a great romatic holiday if I never had one with him. But unfortunatly for him he showed me once that he indeed did know how to do valantines up right. I was treated to a evening of dinner, drinks in the top of the hotel he had gotten for the night, and very romantic things I cannot speak of in that said hotel. So I know the boy has it in him. So every year I hope and wish for the same treatment. Hope and Wish. Hope and Wish. Hope and Wish.

Well as I mentioned above this is not going to be the year of a repeated beautiful night. In his defence I have been pregnat the last two Valentines and Birthday for that matter and that makes planning a romantic dinner a little harder. Because in our world romance equals cocktails. Cocktails equals sex. As I have said many times my husband and I are great fans of drunk sex. Nothing beats drunk sex. It rocks! Also its kinda hard to plan around a crying baby. A baby that will stay with NO ONE but his mother. So as usual I guess I will be hoping and wishing. Hoping and wishing that next year is the magic year. But with one more crying baby on the way I have my doubts.

What's For Dinner:

Depending on how the night goes with our bad luck it with will either be

Homecooked Blackened Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo


Restaurant cooked Japanese, that has been metioned earlier in the today, if all goes well.

I guess you can figure out which one I am pulling for.


Kris said...

That's okay - while I was driving my husband to class on my way to my class, the radio says something about the price of roses.

He pulls his cell phone out, looks at it, puts it up.

As he gets out of the car, "Happy valentines day baby."

my response: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I have a test to go to. bye."

Ain't it great.

RitaPita said...

Because in our world romance equals cocktails. Cocktails equals sex.


And Kris.. hehe.. also priceless.

Bradley Egel said...

I am not into drunk sex...I don't get drunk...but when I used to..I did not like drunk sex :)

But I am glad that you guys do :0

Happy V Day

The Egel Nest

Olivia said...


Aw Robin!!
Get my number from Rita & call me ANYTIME you need a babysitter!! I MEAN IT!! Maybe when Roman gets a little older he will be alright with stay with someone besides you & maybe this next little one will be alright with it.. but yea - I meeeeean it, Robin!! CALL!

Later preggo!

HotMama said...

Hey Kris,

Happy Valentines day
Stop and smell the roses sometines, enogh with the school, school, school!

I miss cocktail. Not sex so much (still geting that) but the drinks have been a while


Happy Valentines Day to you too!
Hope you had a nice one

Hi Olivia,
If I could unglue the child off of me maybe I could take you up on that. Maybe one day. would love to see you and the baby soon.