27 February 2006

Belly Gallery


12 Weeks

16 Weeks

20 Weeks

16 and 20 look the same to me. They don't feel the same though. I am already feeling like i did at 7 months with Roman. Top picture is from the camara that we returned can you see why now.


marybishop said...

I am sorry this comment is late but -- CONGRATULATIONS!

How exciting!!! and reading older posts, how extra exciting to have a baby girl - get some pink and lace in the mix.

I am very happy for you and your family...

Take care of yourself...can't wait to hear your list of names, I love Roman's name...you'll pick out a winner I'm sure xoxoxoxoxo

HotMama said...

Thanks mary....That is sweet....we are very excited around here.

Bradley Egel said...

The top, picture looks like it was taken through a fish tank!

No wonder you returned that one...

I can't belive my wife is going to be like that in 4 or 5 weeks!

She is hardly showing now!

It looks awesome though..so exciting!

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