28 December 2005

Happy Birthday Ritapita

Today is my very best friend in the whole wide worlds birthday. Happy birthday Ritapita!

The things that Ritapia brought into my life during her 25th year of life on this earth.

- laughter
- listening to me whine about Frank without running away
- rubbing my back and talking softly to me when I was only dialated 3cm with roman and was acting like I was at least 9cm
- still being my friend when I was pregnant and a hormonal bitch
- still being my friend when I am just a bitch
- answering the telephone EVERY single morning when I call to say, "Good Morning!"
- bringing a coupon to help pay for her own birthday dinner
- acting like I am great mom and asking me if, "Xavier did blah blah and is this normal?" and then actually listening to what i have to say and telling me thank you, I made you feel better.
- Going dancing with me at the gay bar when I was 7 months pregnant and dancing with me. That could not have been to pretty.
- taking me out ot eat on my birthday
- sitting in a ER for 7 or 8 hours to watch my 5 and a half month old while you toddler ran around and not c0mplaining.
- defending me whenever someone tries to say bad things about me and sticking to your guns when they still do
- showing me what an amazing and true friend can be if I give them a chance and always being a much better friend to me then I am to her

OK, I'm done with the mushy stuff. I love you. Happy birthday!!!!!!

24 December 2005

Time of Death: 10:30 pm

Well the gingerbread cookies were exactly as I suspected they would be, a disater! First problem, I did not have the right flour so we did not get started until 8pm or so. Once dough chilled for an hour I attempted to roll it out only to find it way to sticky. After adding an ungodly amount of flour I got it rolled out. I then had boys come in to choose which cookie cutters they wanted to use. This is where the other problem started. The dough was stuck to the wax paper and I could not peel it of without distorting a hand or a foot. I actually thought that was the point of wax paper, nothing is suppose to stick to it. Stupid wax paper. I finally got all the cookies to the pan to bake them. I felt like I was trying to do gingerbread cookie plastic surgery by reshaping thier little hands, feet, and heads. Once they finally came out of the oven they were not as bad as we thought they were going to be. You could actually recognize.

The boys had fun icing and dumping decorations all over them. I guess that is all that matters. They said they tasted really good. That seemed to be true because they made three a peice and they were gone in a blink of a eye.


One in the belly (to be named latter!)

22 December 2005

11 weeks pregnant


I went ot the midwife today. i had a ultrasound. The baby was moving around and waving it's little hands and legs. It was so cute if i do say so myself. The also did the ultrasound in 4D which was really cool. it made the baby look like a more like a alien than in the normal U/S.

My blood pressure was through the roof which freaked my midwife out. I have to do this thing called the "24 hour urine test" On Monday and take it back up there tuesday morning. I sure all is fine I do have a history of high blood pressure but i have bben off the medication for a while and it was fine until today. I always have HBP in the office. They call it "White coat syndrome". Also the boys toilet overflowed and flooded my kitchen floor before I left for the midwife, so that might have something to do with it. I never had it with the other kids but as Kris reminded me I am another year older.

I know my ticker up top has a pink background but that is my positive thinking in action.

20 December 2005


I a so much happier with lay out than the other one. RitaPita worked really hard on both and she has a really good handle on the stuff I like, which is really cool in its self. I have to wander if were to design something for here if I could pin point her taste. I think I have a idea of her taste and the things that make her smile but sometimes she surprises me. For example she bought this terrible fish fabric once to cover something. I kept looking at it then her thinking "really, fish? hmmmm." Would not have guessed that one.

Just like my friend Kris. I have always liked her taste but she has always been into earth tones. Where as I am bright colored kind of girl. Now over the years I have adopted her love of green. Not bold bright green but sage and mint and subtle earth tone greens that are great. But like RitaPita she can pick some questionable things too. Like this weird checkered fabric she covered her desk chair with.

I am sure you guys will here about my decorating mistakes now. I know we all make them sometimes. Well except for our friend Will, he has perfect taste. I will take my chances. And just for the record besides making the occasional bad taste decorating mistake. They both are really huge liars. Everyone knows it. So if they do try to tell you about something terribly ugly in my house you can't believe them. Anyone can tell you they both lie a lot!

19 December 2005


Ok this picture has nothing to do with title so I will get to that in a minute. This is another picture from the lost roll. I like this one a lot. I wish you could see the detail that is in the real photo. He is so cute looking at me. In less than a week I will be able to put pictures up daily that were taken daily. Franks mom has gotten us a great new digital for Christmas. I a very excited!
Ok so I can't make PB fudge either. It is so sad the desserts I can not make. I can pretty much cook the shit out of regular food but if the dessert is not out of a box it's a gonner. I am still planning gingerbread men, I am sure that will be a disater too but I am going to try. Allen really wants to do them.
Ok, the makeover. Rita gave Hotmama a makeover. What do ya'll think? I think I like it. She is really good at it.
Kris, I hear you want ot have a girls night. I am all for that! Just tell me when and where.

16 December 2005

Better Late than Never

Roman eating the first time

Even though he has been eating since 4 months these are the time I have gotten to show the pictures. I can thank my local film developer for that one. They lost my film for two months! Oh well, I have them now. I guess that's all that counts.

Starting tonight I am going to have all five boys at home for the next week. I have been trying to get some Christmas crafts together but I am scared they are to big to do stuff like that. We are going to make fudge and gingerbread cookies and then decorate them. A couple of boys want to blow out eggs and decorate them but we already have about a million of those.

13 December 2005

Sharp tooth

Well it finally happened. Roman cut his first tooth sunday. He has also developed a very funny growl so i have been calling him 'Sharp Tooth.'

He also developed viral conjunctivitis ( I know I misspelled that one) He has had watery crusty eyes that have earned him another name 'Crusty The Clown.'

He want know which name to answer to if I keep it up.

Pregnancy news:

I am now 10 weeks pregnant. My morning sickness is showing no sign of letting up. I am pretty much sick from the time I wake up until I go to bed at night. I have a few hours scattered through the day when i can eat. But very little so I am constantly hungry!

I am going on the 22nd for a sonogram. I can't wait to see a healthy baby jumping around in there especially after all the morning sickness. It will give me something to get me through the nausea and puking.

06 December 2005

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday. I am not really expecting anything great. I have not had a great birthday in years. What's more depressing than turning 36? turning 36 with no celebration. Just like turning 35, 34, and blah blah blah.

Ok, I will stop whining now. My grandmother has been in the hospital since last Thursday. I love her so much and worry about her. She has been in a nursing home since 1996. My mother never lets a day go by without Going to see her. She washes her hair, changes her grandma diaper, paints her nails, and does her laundry. The dedication my mother has shown toward my grandmother over the last 10 years has been amazing. I can only hope my own children would care this much about me when i get old and need them. It is still up in the air about how she is doing. somethings look better but others look worse. We are kind of in a holding pattern. She is to frail to do surgery on so other options have to be used. Even the other options are almost too much for her. One procedure she needs could actually make things worse so we are just waiting it out to see what happens.

Oh, yeah I saw my black sheep sister yesterday. I don't think there is much change there but I am trying to be more patient around her. Someone I know had a sister very much like my own and lost her to a overdose. I try to remember that these days because I don't want anything to ever happen to her and me be angry with her because of her sucky choices. She spent the day yesterday at the hospital trying to pick silly fights with me. It took everything in my hormonal body to let it go but I did. I am very proud of me!