16 December 2005

Better Late than Never

Roman eating the first time

Even though he has been eating since 4 months these are the time I have gotten to show the pictures. I can thank my local film developer for that one. They lost my film for two months! Oh well, I have them now. I guess that's all that counts.

Starting tonight I am going to have all five boys at home for the next week. I have been trying to get some Christmas crafts together but I am scared they are to big to do stuff like that. We are going to make fudge and gingerbread cookies and then decorate them. A couple of boys want to blow out eggs and decorate them but we already have about a million of those.


RitaPita said...

gotta love those fat baby cheeks.

Kris said...

I am still so excited about the new baby. I grin from ear to ear every time I think about it.

Love you!!! (and your belly)