13 December 2005

Sharp tooth

Well it finally happened. Roman cut his first tooth sunday. He has also developed a very funny growl so i have been calling him 'Sharp Tooth.'

He also developed viral conjunctivitis ( I know I misspelled that one) He has had watery crusty eyes that have earned him another name 'Crusty The Clown.'

He want know which name to answer to if I keep it up.

Pregnancy news:

I am now 10 weeks pregnant. My morning sickness is showing no sign of letting up. I am pretty much sick from the time I wake up until I go to bed at night. I have a few hours scattered through the day when i can eat. But very little so I am constantly hungry!

I am going on the 22nd for a sonogram. I can't wait to see a healthy baby jumping around in there especially after all the morning sickness. It will give me something to get me through the nausea and puking.

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RitaPita said...

Don't let Xavier hear you call him 'Sharp Tooth" he would inform you with anger that Roman is not a dinosaur and not a T-rex .

Congrats to Roman and his first tooth. He will be eating ham by Easter if he keeps it up.