20 December 2005


I a so much happier with lay out than the other one. RitaPita worked really hard on both and she has a really good handle on the stuff I like, which is really cool in its self. I have to wander if were to design something for here if I could pin point her taste. I think I have a idea of her taste and the things that make her smile but sometimes she surprises me. For example she bought this terrible fish fabric once to cover something. I kept looking at it then her thinking "really, fish? hmmmm." Would not have guessed that one.

Just like my friend Kris. I have always liked her taste but she has always been into earth tones. Where as I am bright colored kind of girl. Now over the years I have adopted her love of green. Not bold bright green but sage and mint and subtle earth tone greens that are great. But like RitaPita she can pick some questionable things too. Like this weird checkered fabric she covered her desk chair with.

I am sure you guys will here about my decorating mistakes now. I know we all make them sometimes. Well except for our friend Will, he has perfect taste. I will take my chances. And just for the record besides making the occasional bad taste decorating mistake. They both are really huge liars. Everyone knows it. So if they do try to tell you about something terribly ugly in my house you can't believe them. Anyone can tell you they both lie a lot!


RitaPita said...


the paint color in your old apartment.



The fish pillows are dead and gone, but they were so totally cool.

HotMama said...

See lie #1. That was beautiful paint color.

Will Sansbury said...

Rita has no leg to stand on when it comes to paint colors and old apartments.

I mean, unless you're into Miami Beach brothels.

Will Sansbury said...

Also: Robin, watch your hits rise now that Google will index your page with the phrase 'Miami Beach brothels.'

HotMama said...

thanks for the support Will!


Oh, and thanks for the new hits.....I already get some really strange serches as it is.

RitaPita said...


oh no you didn't.

right now I am snapping my fingers at you and getting all chicken necked.

at least when I paint, I paint the entire room.

(this could get ugly)

RitaPita said...

in fact, so ugly that i may use Will's innocent statement to my advantage.

I wonder what kind of hits you would get with:

celebrity toilet pictures

red monkey balls on fire

lice infested hampsters

i whore for walmart

bon jovi fanclub

smell dirty socks while naked

yup. that'll do.