19 December 2005


Ok this picture has nothing to do with title so I will get to that in a minute. This is another picture from the lost roll. I like this one a lot. I wish you could see the detail that is in the real photo. He is so cute looking at me. In less than a week I will be able to put pictures up daily that were taken daily. Franks mom has gotten us a great new digital for Christmas. I a very excited!
Ok so I can't make PB fudge either. It is so sad the desserts I can not make. I can pretty much cook the shit out of regular food but if the dessert is not out of a box it's a gonner. I am still planning gingerbread men, I am sure that will be a disater too but I am going to try. Allen really wants to do them.
Ok, the makeover. Rita gave Hotmama a makeover. What do ya'll think? I think I like it. She is really good at it.
Kris, I hear you want ot have a girls night. I am all for that! Just tell me when and where.

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RitaPita said...

I like it, but I may be partial. :)