28 September 2005

12 step program

OK, I need help. I cannot stop taking pictures of this child. Not only can I not stop taking them but I can't stop sharing them. I hope you people can forgive me. I have noticed I never get comments anymore which leads me to believe that every one is getting tired of my constant need to put pictures on here. Oh Well, I would like to tell you it is going to stop but its not I like doing it to much. By the way he is 14 weeks old in these pitures. Look at him sitting up. He is so amazing in his little bear slippers and his scrunched up sleeping face.

Happy Birthday Nelson!!!!!

Due to the fact that I have a new baby I seem to be putting the other boys on the back burner. Nelson's birthday was this month and I am just getting around to mentioning it.

Happy Birthday Nelson. He is now 12. One more year and I will have four teenage boys!

Roman's first trip to Six Flags. Here is good one of him and his daddy. Don't ask me which is which. They both have similar personalities and facial hair.

The whole family together for the first time since Roman was born. This was one of the best days we have had as faimly in long time. Six Flags is what we did for Nelson's birthday.

22 September 2005

Reservation For One

There are just a couple of things that I believe God reserves a special place in hell for those people that do horrible things to others here on earth.

Let me share one that I hope fits. My X-husband called me yesterday to let me know that the three Playstation games and the unopened BIRTHDAY card with $50 in it from his memaw and Papa to my 12 year old son has been stolen while he was working. How in the world do you open up a little boys birthday card and steal his money and the freakin brthday card. What a low life. I would like to think that it was someone that really needed the money and ........games. Naw, that is the work of a crackhead. I hope he remembers that card addressed to a little boy when satan ushers him to his hot ass seat in hell.


I have gotten the urge to start posting again. I have several things lined up in my head to talk about. Hopefully I will back tomorrow to share them with you.

Oh and by the way my baby is still beautiful.

15 September 2005

Pip Squeak Monkey Legs

Eight Weeks Old

Twelve Weeks Old