28 September 2005

12 step program

OK, I need help. I cannot stop taking pictures of this child. Not only can I not stop taking them but I can't stop sharing them. I hope you people can forgive me. I have noticed I never get comments anymore which leads me to believe that every one is getting tired of my constant need to put pictures on here. Oh Well, I would like to tell you it is going to stop but its not I like doing it to much. By the way he is 14 weeks old in these pitures. Look at him sitting up. He is so amazing in his little bear slippers and his scrunched up sleeping face.

1 comment:

Kristina said...

I could just eat those little cheeks as if they were chinese dumplings. (without the extra soy sauce.) I cannot get over how freaking cute he is.

You are 100% correct for being madly in love with him.