03 October 2005

Sex, Drugs, And Rock N' Roll

So, Fank and I went ot his mother's Baptist church this Sunday for homecoming. I have not set one foot into a Baptist church for at least 18 years. I greww up southern Baptist and decided that it was nor for me early on. Well I can saftly say my opion has not changed. As much as I really loved the old hymns and smallness of the church itself I heard something that took me back to the old days of fire and brimstone. As the preacher introduced the guest speaker for the beginning of thier revival week and said nice things about him he described him as: Being saved from alcohol, drugs, and rock music. I'll just leave it at that.

A Trey Story:

When we went to Six flags a couple af weeks ago Trey had been up for 3 days straight because he had gone to Alabama to help give food out after Hurricane Katrina. We picked him up that morning as the bus came in and went staight to Six Flags. Needless to say by the end of the day he was crazy tired. He rode in the back seat beside Roman and tried to sleep. Roman who was also tired and cranky fussed softly in his car seat. Trey in his sleepless fog tried to make him stop fussing so he could sleep. After a few failed attempts to give him his pacifier I heard this from the back seat, "Shut up and eat your pacifier." Nice, huh. I am gonna have to get that kid some parenting classes before he gives me grandbabies.

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