25 October 2005

Comments and Kid Update

Ok I have noticed that no one ever comments anymore. I know people vistit and read but not one ever says anything. I was os nervous about the last post and not one person said anything. I really miss Rita I know she would have said something. If anyone has any ideas on how to stir stuff up around here let me know. But wait that would require commenting.

Other Stuff:

Much like my blog not much going on in life. I spend all day catering to King Roman and schooling Allen. He is doing well. Nelson got his report card and did really good. He did make a "D" in English but that is his hardest subject and we are gonna try and pull that up. Other than that he got A's and B's. I am VERY VERY proud of him. Trey is still trying ot get his driving licence which is become a big pain in the butt not because of the test itself but the non-corporation of his school giving the correct paper work. In the state of Georgia you have to have papers showing that he is in school and they can't get their stuff togeather. My parents actually got him a car and it is just sitting waiting for him to get his permit. Hopefully soon he will have it. He also got a new job that he seems to be happy about.

SAD PATHETIC news of the day: Frank was in bed by 8:30 tonight . My hot husband is turning into a old fart. BORING!!!!!


Will Sansbury said...

They bought him a car? I know I'm 27 now and all, but it still ticks me off when people buy kids cars. Make him work his ass off, save up his money, and buy his own first POS.

Tell me it's not a nice car. Please?

(There, I commented.)

HotMama said...

Hey Will,

It actually is a car they have that belonged to my sister but it's a "hyndai" I know I butchered that word. I guess it's probably 7 years old or so. And he is working. He has to pay his own tuition at school so we are all helping with his car. (insurence) It's a safe car!

See, commenting was not that bad was it? Are you guys OK?