15 October 2005

Those Are Some Big Honkin Feet

Roman was born all feet and hands. For the last four months I have alternated between about 4 pairs of sock that would fit him. Leaving the other ninety six pairs to lay in his drawer never to be worn. I finally broke down yesterday and went ot buy him socks and resolved not leave until I found some that actually fit his big'ole feet. I thought maybe it was just a matter of finding the right brand or style but OH, was I wrong. After we stood there for twenty minutes holding pair after pair up to those boats we finally started opening packages and and popping those little platic thingies off to try them on to see which one fit. We ended up walking out of the store with six pairs of socks labeled TODDLER: Size 18-36 month. The child is only 4 months old. At this rate by the time he is 18 months old he is going to wearing Nelson's socks.

Dollar Movie:
We went ot dollar movie last night. I have said for years I would never be one of those people that brought their baby to the movies but there I was. While Frank, my mother-in-law, and sister-in- law watched. I spent my time rocking and bouncing a very tired baby in the back of the theater and then evetually outside in the hall way. After I got him to sleep I snuck back in, letting me see the beginning and the end of Wedding Crashers. Which from what I could tell was pretty good. Oh well, better luck next time.

Girly Night:
Rita and I are going to try and have girly night toningt. This will be first time since Roman was born that we are going to do something together. Our something is only going to be dinner and a movie HERE but it still a girly anyway. So as we eat and watch the movie we will play pass the baby back and forth. It's been a while since Rita has spent time with him so I might actually sit through a movie without bouncing and rocking him myself!

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