31 October 2005

As Usual

Things did not work out as planned. Yes, I admit that my plan was a little ambitious. And of the course the romance got lost. We spent out Roman free time buying film and a hat mittens for him. Our trip to Helen Ga. was nice though. I have pictures but it will be a while before I can get my hands on them because with all the planning I still left the house without my camera. Film but no Camera. What kind of mother does that? My sister-in-law took pictures but it will be forever before she finishes her roll and get them developed. Helen was a whole lot more touristy than I thought it would be. Nothing but little shops selling flea market merchandice. Every thing was ridiculously overpriced. I did manage to buy boiled peanuts, fudge and a yummy bottle of chardonney we found at a mountain winery.All said it was a nice day.

We spent Sunday morning recovering from the trip. The afternoon was spent trying to get the boys ready for halloween. They won't be trick-or-treating but we will be going to my mom's church for their harvest festival. We have done this for several years now and it has always been a lot of fun. Hay rides, costumes, and all the hotdags and junk you can eat.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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laurenbove said...

You came home with wine? It was a very good trip, indeed. I really miss my kid free moments but wouldn't trade my kids for the world. A connundrum, no?