17 October 2005


My poor guy is super constipated. He has been taking solid foods for about three weeks now and loves it. His favorite is bannannas and sweet potaoes.....so you can imagine why this post is called "Prunes." Roman has been trying to poop since Friday and has only gotten out two golf ball sized dark poops. It so sad to watch him try to go. He grunts and turns bright red and still does nothing. I went to the store yesterday to find something to help him. I have been advised to use mineral oil, Karo syrup, and baby laxatives but I cannot bring myself to give him any of these. So I broke down and got him eight bottles of prunes instead. On the first attempted to feed it to yesterday he burst into tears after about five bites. I tried again latter last night and he ate the rest of jar. But that has been over 24 hours ago and still no poop. I am reluctant to give him anymore just yet because I think once it works I am going to have a huige mess on my hands. I am going to give him one more day and then feed him another jar with only breast milk until then. If any one has any ideas out there I will be happy to hear them I (when I say I, I mean Roman) am getting desperate.

Girly Night Update:

Rita, Veronica, and I had a really good time. We also invited Sarah and Kris but neither of them could make it. I am just going to have to say ya'll missed a good time. There was too much food, 2 bottles of cheap wine, and a very girly movie. Something that is going to have to happen again because sometimes I think we need that. Just the giggling alone was worth doing it again. Frank who was suppose to play pocker ended up staying home and became my parttime nanny. I fed the baby and then he took upstairs until he was ready for bed then I took back over until he went to sleep. Thanks Frank!!! You are a good daddy.

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