23 June 2006

Thank You & Congratulations

Thanks Will and Sarah for dinner. It was yummy.

Congrats to Jennifer and Seth. I wish geat happiness. I wish I could be there!

21 June 2006

Introducing .........


Sage Olivia Grace




My complete family. No. I mean it this time....I don't care if you believe me.


My babies. Roman looks like a monster next to her.


His first reation was hugging and kissing her. Sweet, huh?


This pic is just because he is so darn cute.

20 June 2006

First things First

I know I promised pictures of baby Sage but since her big brother ate that cord thingy I have to get a disk made and it was dropped off today. These were picked up. Some pics of Roman's first bithday and our trip to the beach a couple of weeks ago.


Roman digging into his first birthday cake.






We are so cute and so is my belly.

18 June 2006

Sage Olivia Grace Is Here!

Born: 6/16/06 @ 11pm
5lb 12oz
19 1/4 inches long

She came barely 2 hours after induction. Started induction a little after 9pm and she came at 11pm on the dot. It was truly amazing. She is perfect. A head FULL of black hair. We are home now.

I did not tear and have no stitches. Feel surprisingly great! Will try and get pictures up soon.

Roman hugged and kissed her yesterday at hospital. Waiting to for his grandmother to bring him and to see how he reacts with her in "his" space.

Will give a more detailed story of birth latter.

16 June 2006

Why can't It Be Easy

I had my amnio yesterday. Our tried rather. Sage decided to back into the pocket BOTH times needle was inserted. I had gone in having terrible cramps and contractions so DR did internal exam before a third stick and I was 3 cm 80% effaced. Which is progress from Tuesday. He sent me to L&D where I was monitored for a couple of hours. I did not make any more prgress with my steady contractions so he sent me home.

I have to go back to L&D at 5pm today. I will be checked again and if I am 4 cm he is going to induce if not they are going to keep me and try to do amnio again. Hopefully inducing with positvie mature lungs.

The amnio was a nightmare. It was agood long 20 minutes of needle being lft in to try and get her out of pocket.Dr was physcally pushing her to one side. It did not work but it was very painful.

My bag is packed for the hospital tonight. I plan on not coming home until I have my daughter.

15 June 2006

No Sleep For The Weary

Well here it is almost 4am and I am up again itching and having contractions. I really thought that something would have happened by now considering I am dialated some and effaced a lot but I guess like the rest of my children it is going to have to be baby Sage's idea.

I have my amnio sheduled for noon today and we should have results back in the afternoon. I pray that her lungs are ready. I am soooo ready tohave this little girl. I am also ready to play and hold my son again. He has been so neglected of attention from me for about a weeks now because I feel so crappy. The god thing about this is the fact that he has had a chance to bond with his father. They are closer than ever. He crawls around yelling "daddy." If Frank goes up the stairs or out he door he follows behind him crying. When Frank reapears he is so happy.

I am going to try and go back to sleep soon. will be back latter on today to let you know if we are having a baby tomorrow or not.

13 June 2006

We Are Really Going To Have A Baby

Just got back from appointment and I am 75% effaced and 2 cm. Maybe I won't have to worry about that pescky amnio and and induction after all.

Last OB Appointment Today

Well Thursday's amnio will tell. I hope today will be my official last OB appoinment. I am so ready to have this little girl. I am feeling good about it right now. I feel like she is ready but everyone is telling to to not get my hopes up. I have. I know I shoudn't but it is to late. I am just really ready for the itching to stop.

My thoughts now fall on birth control. We had planned on Frank getting clipped but he has decided that is not what he wants to do. This news makes his sister a little crazy. I have already made it clear that I will not be getting my tubes tied. Why would I do that again? It took so much to untie them. We DO NOT want any more children. I am going to try and make sure I remember to talk to my Dr. today to have something lined up at my post natel exam. If not I will probably be knocked up again this time next year. And that would not be a good thing for so many reason!

07 June 2006

Roman's First Birthday


Today Roman turned one. The past year has flown by. It is hard to believe that the baby above was ever the baby below


Roman has brought this family more joy than we ever could have imagined. I can't wait to watch him grow in the years to come. I love him more than I ever thought possible. He has changed my life. I live to see him smile.

Happy Birthday my sweet angel boy. I love you more thatn I could ever say!

06 June 2006

Finally an Answer

Had OB appointment today. I have been getting very little sleep again due to itching. By the time i made it to the OB today i was exhausted and frustrated. I was in tears by the time he came in the room.

Long story short. I will be 36 weeks a week from Thursday. We will be doing an amnio then and if baby's lungs are mature I will be induced the next day. that will be June 16. I pray for my sanity that her lungs are ready. Many prays this way would be GREAT!!!!!

Rita call me.

Trey is 17

Can you believe that. I can't. I am a little ate getting this up seeing how his birthday was over 3 and a half hours a go but "Happy Birthday Son!" We are going to clebrate his birthday with Roman's. It is weird to have my oldest turning 17 while youngest turns 1.

I guess that m;akes next year even weider.

A year ago at this very moment I was at the hospital getting ready to be induced with Roman. I wish that is where I could be right know. I am about to itch to death. I am ready to have this child so I can stop thinking about peeling my skin off.