25 May 2005


I know you people are tired of pregnancy updates but that is all that my life is right now. My Amnio has been changed from Monday to this Friday. Induction is still on for Tuesday thus far.

My husband sucks because I want to go and walk around the block today to see if I can go in labor. He want let me because he is scared I will go in labor during the finale of "Lost" and he might miss it. Duh, it would not happen that fast and there are TVs at the hospital. I am trying to do anything to avoid that big amnio needle. For those that beleive in the power of prayer, pray that I go in labor soon even if it is during stupid "Lost"

Rita I miss you, I swear I will be normal again soon and call you all the time like I used too.

21 May 2005

5 Days of Hell

If anyone is wandering I am still alive and there is still NO baby. Besides being itchy I have been having contractions for 5 days now they are making me crazy!!!! Once this person comes out of my body I promise some wanderful stories. Until then I am not going to promise anything.


16 May 2005


I went to the hospital today for the first of my biweekly nonstress test. I have been doing this for going on 2 months now. This should only take anywhere form 30 minutes to an hour out of my day on Monday and Thursday. It has only been this short about half the time because I am always contracting or something. The worse time was a couple of weeks ago when they gave me a IV for dehydration. Todays was long and boring. I have had the misfortune of getting the worse nurse on the floor to do my test the last 3 visits. She hooks me up and then never returns to check on until an hour or an hour and half. She then flies in and says everything looks good without checking the srip that comes out of the NST machine and sends me home. I leave hoping everything is ok.

Today I went in for the usual but tell her I thought maybe I was leaking amniotic fluid so she makes me undress and get in the bed so she can stick something my vagina to test for fluid and leaves me there for two hours. I lay there bored nad waiting until I see a pair of white socks in clogs coming towards the curtain and see my Docs face come into the room. DR.M comes in and ask how I am feeling and I tell her tired because I have only gotten one hour sleep because I am itching so bad. Dr.M looks at my strip and tell me that I am contracting a lot and that she thinks I will go in labor before the 30th when she is doing amnio and then inducing me. She says that she is still going to pull my stitch next Monday. I try to talk her into doing it today since she is here, I am here, and my cervice is here. She refuses. She does say that she is going to move my amnio up but did not give me a date as to when this might happen. So I am waiting again.

After Dr. M leaves bad nurse flies in and says that she is going to call Dr. M's office and then I can leave. I sigh and inform her that Dr. M was in their 5 seconds ago. "Oh, well you can go now." Jeez lady get it togeather.

Dear Lord,

Please don't let her be my nurse when I do go in labor.


So now i have been having contractions nonstop for over 24 hours but nothing consistent so I wait!

15 May 2005


Rita took this after the baby shower today. To bad the picture does not show the makeup I put on for the first time in 8 months.

Thank You again for the baby shower Rita, Sarah, and Will!!!!!!


Well to day is baby shower day. I am very excited. Rita just called and ask me to pick up a couple of people (and chairs) that need a ride to the shower. Why am I feeling like I have to work on this day of all days. Am I being selfish? Probably! I have been told recently by someone via email that I am. I do miss the days that I could go do something without haveing ot pick people up to do it with me. Rita do not take this the wrong way I would walk through glass and fire to do stuff with you. I guess I just needed to bitch about something today.

Big News: I think that Roman has dropped! I ask frank and he said that he was looking at me yesterday and thought the same thing. This is a good sign because maybe when my cerclage comes out in seven days he will come on his own without being induced. Frank has never experienced a spontaneous birth. I think that would fun for him. Maybe I should go ahead and get a bag packed instead of waiting until the day before I am being induced like I was planning. Maybe I will do that tomorrow.

13 May 2005

Stripper Tale 1

Well I said I would do this so here we go.

Names have been changed to protect the naked.

If you read my post 'It's Always The Mother's Fault' than it should not be to hard to understand how I started making a living by taking my clothes off. I had been living out of car for about 6 months when I met "Kay." I had just walked into a local gaming and Wiccan store downtown to see a friend of mine named Ty (this is who I got my stage name from) and lying at his feet in a short skirt and heels was Kay. I was completely awestruck by her. We were introduced and we struck up a friendship immediately. I do not remember where we were and how long I had known her but she told me that she went to Charleston every weekend to dance. Dance? What do you mean dance? She told me had been living in Charleston for a while and was here taking care of a sick grandmother. She worked in a this strip club called The Silver Slipper on the weekends to make money. It was top secret because she did not want her grandparents here and the ones in Charleston knowing about it. She knew that I had no job and no money so she offered for me to go with her the following weekend to dance if I wanted to.

Kay told me immediately that she would only let me do this long enough for me to get on my feet. She said that stripping was a easy way to make money but also a trap because most girls spend all the money they make daily because they know they will just go to work and make more. A trap I fell into head first even with Kay's warning. She warned me also of the drugs that were easy to come by and said that you should just treat it like any other job. Go in make your money and leave and don't get caught up in the drugs and drama that a club can bring. Yet another trap I fell into head first. Do not misunderstand me Kay did not set these traps for me. She actually lived by what she taught. I fell into these things all on my own.

We left for Charleston and stayed at her other grandmother's house while there. Upon arrival I was given her uncle as a gift which unfortunately I took her up on. ( there's that complete honesty I guaranteed, I was easy!) The next day she began to teach me how to walk a pair of 5 inch heels. Kay said that no self respecting stripper wore anything less than 5 inches and I needed to get used to them. She then went through her dance bag and found costumes that I could wear. Next came the shaving. I had always shaved my bikini area but if you are in a T back and hanging upside down from a pole this was not good enough. She showed me how to shave and trim everything from stem to asshole, literally. A practice I still believe in to this day. (Well when I am not Eight months pregnant and can see past my belly button.) Finally she taught me how to apply "stage" makeup. I was then ready for my first night of making money with my clothes off.

To be Continued.........

10 May 2005

Roman Update

We went to the Doctor Monday. They did a sonogram and Roman is estimated to weigh about 5 pounds already. All of my baby books say he should weigh a little over 4 pounds. So he is a little bigger. I think this good seeing how he is coming early.

If you have been paying attention you will notice that my ticker says I am 37 weeks when actually I am only 33 weeks. It was changed to count down the days until I am induced instead of my Due date so ignore the weeks and just watch the days. Dr. M said that on May 23 she is going to take my stitch out. May 30 amnio and May 31 induction. I am hoping that once she takes that stitch out on the 23rd I will go in labor on my own. I guess we will see.

I hope every one had a nice Mother's day. We had all of our faimly over Sunday for our 2nd annual Mother's day BBQ. I cooked for 16 people and it was great. My sister Tabbie even showed up. Any one with a camara should come over and take pictures because my house is sooooo clean. I am trying very hard to keep it that way. I have even been cleaning closets, drawers, and cabinets out. It feels so good to have a clean organized house. Even the outside is clean. Frank spent all day Saturday (with help from Trey and Jay) hauling off things that were in our yard that the people before us left. It looks amazing.

06 May 2005

No Free Table Dances Here!

Hearing the words "I know you from somewhere" always sends chills down my spine. I never really am prepared when someone says this to me. Especially when it is men. And it is always men. I always first try to place them from high school, then college, and finally (sigh) downtown. It has become less and less over the years as I become older and less concerned with my apperence. Ok the more I let myself go. But when I am almost eight months pregnant at the hospital with my grandmother it is stupid.

Today I escorted my grandmother to the hospital to have her feeding tube replaced. This was completly uneventful procedure. When the paramedics came to transport her back to the nursing home one of them looked at me and said the words. I of course said it must be high school, and he replied, that was not it because he went to Midland Valley and I went to North Augusta. Ok red flag, how does he know that? So I say while rolling my eyes that I probably know where but I was not talking about it right there. The oppurtunity never came up to talk about it. I made sure of that. Damn give me fuckin break I am huge, no make up, and fully dressed. How in the hell did this guy recognize me. Oh and did I mention I am getting old. There is no way these people should continue to recognize me. I know that I did not leave that much of an impression on Augusta Ga. Get life people move on, I have. Just because you know who I am and what I used to do does not give the right to bring up whereever and whenever. For gods sake especially in front of my grandmother. Its not like I am going to jump up on the chair I am sitting in and start giving table dances. Gross, I am eight months pregnant. And you probably don't have any singles handy anyway.

05 May 2005

A Very Confused Generation

We were eating dinner tonight and out the blue Nelson ask a question that almost made this pregnant woman pee in her pants at the table.

Nelson- Is it true that Michael Jackson used to be black?

In between choking on my dinner and trying not to wet myself.

Me- He still is.

Nelson giving very very confused look.

Has it been that long?

03 May 2005

It'a Always the Mother's Fault

Well today was a weird day. I took Allen and Nelson to thier first therapy session. Seeing how I had my first real morning sickness today after 32 weeks of pregnancy we were late getting to the appointment. Nelson did not get to be seen today and the doctor asked me who needed it more. Allen of course. But even though that was my fault this is not what the title is refering to. His meeting went as you would have thought any first vist would. I was ask to be in the room and the Dr. wanted to know why I thoought he needed to be there. I am not really going to give those details to you because that is Allen's private buisness. I will tell you about when the doctor ask why I was the one to leave my children when their father and I divorced in 1996. I was not ready for this question so I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. Allen sat looking at me so I just gave the easiest and most honest answer I could. We got married when we were seniors in high school. I was a stay at home mom for almost eight years. I had never had a job and did not have an education. I could not take my cildren away form the home and lifestlye that they had known their whole lives. Allen did not say anything then but when we got into the car he started asking questions.

Allen- Where did you go?

(me sucking in hard and trying not to cry)

Me- Well Allen, I lived in my car for about six months.

(Nelson had picked up on the conversation by this time)

Nelson- The car?

Me- Yes

Allen- Did you sleep in the car?

Me- Sometimes

Allen- Where else?

Me- People's couches

Nelson- Strangers?

Me- No, they were people I knew

Nelson- You should have went to Pamma's

Me- You're right but i was trying to be brave and strong on my own without any help from pamma and papa.

Nelson- I would have went to pamma's anyway

Me- Well if I had it all over to do again, we all would have went to Pamma's.

Just let me tell you how much that conversation sucked. I guess I should be gratefull that it is out there now and I want have to that agian. Oh wait there's Trey, Shit, well I guess I will be doing that again. Well at least I have practice now. Oh and what I did not say is the doctor made it pretty clear that any issues Allen had was my fault. Looks like we have a long road ahead of us. Well I guess I will go get gassed up for the trip now.

02 May 2005

How Cool is This

I love this! Thank You Rita!!!!!!! This feels much better than the other template. It feels more like me.

After much thought and consideration I have decided to start tellng stripper stories. I will tell one story a week. I don't know how long this will last.We will play it by ear. Some of the stories will be funny, some sad, some embarrassing, and some maybe too honest for my own good. But I vow to be honest no matter how bad they make me look. I am not sure if I am going to use people's names. Real or Stage. I do not want to hurt anyone at all doing this. So I will figure this out along the way. I am doing this mostly for myself. I hope you like them. You may even learn something about what really is going on in the clubs. Some of you might even be surprised.