13 May 2005

Stripper Tale 1

Well I said I would do this so here we go.

Names have been changed to protect the naked.

If you read my post 'It's Always The Mother's Fault' than it should not be to hard to understand how I started making a living by taking my clothes off. I had been living out of car for about 6 months when I met "Kay." I had just walked into a local gaming and Wiccan store downtown to see a friend of mine named Ty (this is who I got my stage name from) and lying at his feet in a short skirt and heels was Kay. I was completely awestruck by her. We were introduced and we struck up a friendship immediately. I do not remember where we were and how long I had known her but she told me that she went to Charleston every weekend to dance. Dance? What do you mean dance? She told me had been living in Charleston for a while and was here taking care of a sick grandmother. She worked in a this strip club called The Silver Slipper on the weekends to make money. It was top secret because she did not want her grandparents here and the ones in Charleston knowing about it. She knew that I had no job and no money so she offered for me to go with her the following weekend to dance if I wanted to.

Kay told me immediately that she would only let me do this long enough for me to get on my feet. She said that stripping was a easy way to make money but also a trap because most girls spend all the money they make daily because they know they will just go to work and make more. A trap I fell into head first even with Kay's warning. She warned me also of the drugs that were easy to come by and said that you should just treat it like any other job. Go in make your money and leave and don't get caught up in the drugs and drama that a club can bring. Yet another trap I fell into head first. Do not misunderstand me Kay did not set these traps for me. She actually lived by what she taught. I fell into these things all on my own.

We left for Charleston and stayed at her other grandmother's house while there. Upon arrival I was given her uncle as a gift which unfortunately I took her up on. ( there's that complete honesty I guaranteed, I was easy!) The next day she began to teach me how to walk a pair of 5 inch heels. Kay said that no self respecting stripper wore anything less than 5 inches and I needed to get used to them. She then went through her dance bag and found costumes that I could wear. Next came the shaving. I had always shaved my bikini area but if you are in a T back and hanging upside down from a pole this was not good enough. She showed me how to shave and trim everything from stem to asshole, literally. A practice I still believe in to this day. (Well when I am not Eight months pregnant and can see past my belly button.) Finally she taught me how to apply "stage" makeup. I was then ready for my first night of making money with my clothes off.

To be Continued.........

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