10 May 2005

Roman Update

We went to the Doctor Monday. They did a sonogram and Roman is estimated to weigh about 5 pounds already. All of my baby books say he should weigh a little over 4 pounds. So he is a little bigger. I think this good seeing how he is coming early.

If you have been paying attention you will notice that my ticker says I am 37 weeks when actually I am only 33 weeks. It was changed to count down the days until I am induced instead of my Due date so ignore the weeks and just watch the days. Dr. M said that on May 23 she is going to take my stitch out. May 30 amnio and May 31 induction. I am hoping that once she takes that stitch out on the 23rd I will go in labor on my own. I guess we will see.

I hope every one had a nice Mother's day. We had all of our faimly over Sunday for our 2nd annual Mother's day BBQ. I cooked for 16 people and it was great. My sister Tabbie even showed up. Any one with a camara should come over and take pictures because my house is sooooo clean. I am trying very hard to keep it that way. I have even been cleaning closets, drawers, and cabinets out. It feels so good to have a clean organized house. Even the outside is clean. Frank spent all day Saturday (with help from Trey and Jay) hauling off things that were in our yard that the people before us left. It looks amazing.

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