15 May 2005


Well to day is baby shower day. I am very excited. Rita just called and ask me to pick up a couple of people (and chairs) that need a ride to the shower. Why am I feeling like I have to work on this day of all days. Am I being selfish? Probably! I have been told recently by someone via email that I am. I do miss the days that I could go do something without haveing ot pick people up to do it with me. Rita do not take this the wrong way I would walk through glass and fire to do stuff with you. I guess I just needed to bitch about something today.

Big News: I think that Roman has dropped! I ask frank and he said that he was looking at me yesterday and thought the same thing. This is a good sign because maybe when my cerclage comes out in seven days he will come on his own without being induced. Frank has never experienced a spontaneous birth. I think that would fun for him. Maybe I should go ahead and get a bag packed instead of waiting until the day before I am being induced like I was planning. Maybe I will do that tomorrow.

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