06 May 2005

No Free Table Dances Here!

Hearing the words "I know you from somewhere" always sends chills down my spine. I never really am prepared when someone says this to me. Especially when it is men. And it is always men. I always first try to place them from high school, then college, and finally (sigh) downtown. It has become less and less over the years as I become older and less concerned with my apperence. Ok the more I let myself go. But when I am almost eight months pregnant at the hospital with my grandmother it is stupid.

Today I escorted my grandmother to the hospital to have her feeding tube replaced. This was completly uneventful procedure. When the paramedics came to transport her back to the nursing home one of them looked at me and said the words. I of course said it must be high school, and he replied, that was not it because he went to Midland Valley and I went to North Augusta. Ok red flag, how does he know that? So I say while rolling my eyes that I probably know where but I was not talking about it right there. The oppurtunity never came up to talk about it. I made sure of that. Damn give me fuckin break I am huge, no make up, and fully dressed. How in the hell did this guy recognize me. Oh and did I mention I am getting old. There is no way these people should continue to recognize me. I know that I did not leave that much of an impression on Augusta Ga. Get life people move on, I have. Just because you know who I am and what I used to do does not give the right to bring up whereever and whenever. For gods sake especially in front of my grandmother. Its not like I am going to jump up on the chair I am sitting in and start giving table dances. Gross, I am eight months pregnant. And you probably don't have any singles handy anyway.

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RitaPita said...

singles? 8 months preggers strippers get fives! (this post made me laugh SO hard)