27 August 2005

Pictures before Roman

Here are a few pictures I finally downloaded before Roman came along. I thought it would be fun to share these with my few loyal readers. Mostly because I don't get around to giving you something to read but about once a week. Hope you guys enjoy. In the next couple of days I hope to put some pics of Roman on here.

Frank and I only have about a hundred of these photos. One day I plan on making one big self portriat collage out of them.

Me at seven months in our yard.

My baby shower. From left to right: my nephew, me, mom, neice, and one of my sisters. Look at that belly! I really liked yhat shirt at the end of my pregnancy.

The night before Roman was induced From left clockwise: Allen-14, Trey-16, Me and Roman, Frank, Nelson-11, Cody-12 (turned 13 since this pic).

19 August 2005

My Baby Love

Have I said lately how much I love my baby son. In the last 48 hour he has actually figured out that I am mama. He looks past everyone in the room to find me and smile. He looks for me when I am talking. I love it so much. All the sleepless nights, which by the way are not so sleepless anymore, are well worth it to see him recognize me. Me, his mama, I love it so much.

Back to the not so sleepless thing. The last week or so Roman has been going to sleep by ten and waking for minutes at a time to suckle (with the exception of some crying from what appears to be early teething pain) and sleeping until at least 10am. OK people do you get the at least 10 am part because he has slept untl noon a couple of times. And even bigger news Roman slept in his own crib from 10 until 5:30am. Waking to eat twice but going right back to sleep. It was heaven.

As of yet it looks like homeschooling will begin on Monday for Allen. Wish me luck!!

16 August 2005

Me and my IUD

Will I swear this is not as bad as you think it is gonna be.

This is more about what a ding dong I am than the IUD.

I had an appointment to get an IUD scheduled for last week but could not remember the time. I decided to call and confirm it and that way I would not miss it.

This is how the conversation played itself out:

Me: Hi, It's Hotmama, I was just checking to see what time my appointment is tomorrow. I think it is at 12:45.
Phone Girl: I am not finding it. What is the appointment for?
Me: I am coming in to get a DUI.

Nice phone girl confirms the time and I hang up. When Frank gets home I tell him that I will need the car tomorrow because I am going to get my DUI. He said "Your DUI, huh."

I am such an asshole sometimes. That could happen to anyone, right?

15 August 2005


No this post has nothing to do with Monday. I just don't know how to express how I feel. I am not doing very well with my body image these days. I have always been a very small girl. Tiny most of my life . I also knew that when I was pregnant with Mr. Roman that my body would not bounce back the way it did 10 years. But this so depressing. I only gained like 27 punds when I pregnant which is really darn good if I do say so myself. But since I have given birth I am still gaining weight. When I went to the doctor 5 weeks after giving birth I was only 9 pounds heavier than I was when I got pregnant. well last week I went to the doctor to get my IUD and I have gained 3 more pounds. WTF? If you ask Frank he will tell you that all I eat is junk. He is right. I can not get enough of cakes, cookie dough, and brownies. Just for the record I have NEVER been a eater of these things now that is all I want. Maybe it is hormonal. I don't know. But I do know that I am miserable. I am not happy with the person I am seeing in the mirror and the one that I am seeing in the one million pictures we are taking around here. Here I am talking and bitching about it am I really gonna do anything about it probably not. I am lazy. Let me say that again, LAZY. ( in my defence my ex cracked my tale bone once when he threw me across a room so I can't do sit ups. But I probably would not do them anyway if I am being honest.) I want it to go away the way it always has. I want my old body back that I never had to work for. I had gotten a little belly after I quit dancing but I was never really worried about that. I would take that little belly right now . Please come back little belly. Please go away big non-pregnant belly.

Not only is the extra weight effecting the way I feel but it is messing with my sex life. I do not want Frank to go anywhere near me. And the thought of creative positions is also out of the question. My loose hanging parts bouncing everywhere under the inlfluence of gravity makes me feel ill. I know the kind of woman my husband is attracted to (he lets me know ALL the time when he sees one on the street or tv.) and I am not it right now. OK thats enough of that..

Dottie you did a really great job hosting Julie's baby shower yesterday. I enjoyed it very much and as always I love being at Will and Sarah's house. Everytime I leave thier and I have spent time with Will's mom I think Will's mom rocks. She is a really good grandma and I like to talk to her. The more I am around her the more I like being around her. I guess it makes sence seeing how she gave birth to one of my favorite people in the world.

And lastly Frank and I have been bouncing back in forth between three different churches. We have hit a wall becaiuse he liikes one and I like another. The weird thing is the one he likes is my mom's church so naturally you would think this would be my first choice but the more we go there the more I realize this is not where I want to be. Church should feel like home and I don't feel that there. I'm scared I will never feel that in any other church again. I hope it is not once in a lifetime thing. I am going to campain for one of the other ones that I like more. I just want to be somewhere so I can get my baby dedicated and Nelson can finally be baptised like he has wanted to for two years now. This means a decision will have to be made soon. I am not good at having things in the air. This uncertainty is not helping my present mood either. Hopefully God will let me now something soon.


Very goofy story about me and a IUD.

12 August 2005

To Roman:

Sometimes you furrow your eyebrows and look like you are really pissed off for no good reason. That's when I call you 'angry baby'. Well at 9 weeks and 3 days old you took 'angry baby' to a whole new level. I was stiitng trying to talk to you and play with you but you wanted to eat instead. As I try harder to get you to smile you squeal out in utter frustation. the squeal is so high pitched and loud that it surprises even you. You become deathly silent and stare at me like I made the noise. (You also do this when you pull your own hair) I look at you and laugh really hard, yes laugh, that is the kind of mom I am. I laugh at you, a lot. You are a very funny and you are just like your daddy. I laugh at him too.

05 August 2005

Nothing Like A Little Monkey Ass To Keep You Up At Night

I love this tattoo!

But sadly this tatto made me loose sleep last night.

It made me lay in bed thinking about the word butthole/asshole. Why don't we call our mouth a facehole?

03 August 2005

Seven Hours of My Life I Will Never Get Back

Yesterday I spent about seven hours in the car driving around running errands. That is seven hours in the car under the hot Georgia/South Carolina (I live smack on the border ) sun. So that got me thinking of all the other places I could have driven to in seven hours.

Starting from home I could have driven to:

1) Nashville, TN
2) Orlando, FL
3) Mobile, AL
4) Norfolf, VA

And one more hour could have gotten me to:

5)Frankfort, KY
6)Jackson, MS

But in all honesty these places sound as boring as my seven hour drive in circles yesterday.

Where could you drive to in seven hours?