27 August 2005

Pictures before Roman

Here are a few pictures I finally downloaded before Roman came along. I thought it would be fun to share these with my few loyal readers. Mostly because I don't get around to giving you something to read but about once a week. Hope you guys enjoy. In the next couple of days I hope to put some pics of Roman on here.

Frank and I only have about a hundred of these photos. One day I plan on making one big self portriat collage out of them.

Me at seven months in our yard.

My baby shower. From left to right: my nephew, me, mom, neice, and one of my sisters. Look at that belly! I really liked yhat shirt at the end of my pregnancy.

The night before Roman was induced From left clockwise: Allen-14, Trey-16, Me and Roman, Frank, Nelson-11, Cody-12 (turned 13 since this pic).

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RitaPita said...

love the pics, but was hoping for homeschooling stories lady!