16 August 2005

Me and my IUD

Will I swear this is not as bad as you think it is gonna be.

This is more about what a ding dong I am than the IUD.

I had an appointment to get an IUD scheduled for last week but could not remember the time. I decided to call and confirm it and that way I would not miss it.

This is how the conversation played itself out:

Me: Hi, It's Hotmama, I was just checking to see what time my appointment is tomorrow. I think it is at 12:45.
Phone Girl: I am not finding it. What is the appointment for?
Me: I am coming in to get a DUI.

Nice phone girl confirms the time and I hang up. When Frank gets home I tell him that I will need the car tomorrow because I am going to get my DUI. He said "Your DUI, huh."

I am such an asshole sometimes. That could happen to anyone, right?


marybishop said...

You are not an asshole, well if you are than so am I. I mix things up like that all the time...

I told my husband I was going to turn on the TV to watch Law and Order SUV.

He laughed his ass off...

HotMama said...

Oh thank you mary I am so glad to here that. That's funny too. I just wander how many times I said when I was making the original appt. All I could do was laugh and try to imagine the laughter that the phone girl got out of me with the other office girls. DUI...Geeeeez