15 April 2007


Rita is finally, finally moving me to WordPress like she promised me she would ages ago. Except you know, I don't even know she is doing this tonight, so I will most likely log onto here in the morning and Freak The Fuck Out. Maybe I should have changed my password. Hmmm.

I will be located Right Here very soon.

(Rita Pretending To Be Robin)

21 January 2007



Boys at Hard Rock last weekend


Sage, several weeks ago


Roman with his SpongeBob Cup


Roman looking sweet

17 January 2007

New Year, New Post

Ok, I'm tired of seeing that same post about my grandmother everytime I come here.

Here's a brief update. All is well. Holidays were nice and quiet this year. Babies are great. Romans is 19 months and Sagey girl is 7 months. She is starting to look like her brother in the eye area. This actually means she is starting to look like me in the eye area since Roman has my eyes.

Our life is full of diapers, mushy food, lots and lots of giggles with the ocasional tantrum thrown in for good measure.

Hopefully I will get some recent photos up soon.

The other boys are great. Allen is still being homeschooled. Nelson is making A's and B's. Trey is busy being a teenager and driving us all crazy because he knows everything and we all know nothing. Cody has decided to move down this summer and STAY! He misses his little brother and sister and wants to got to high school with Allen next year.

Frank and I are doing fine as well. Frank is very busy these days. He works his butt off and always seems to pull us through the rough spots quickly which makes the rough spots not nearly as depressing as they used to be.

I still miss Rita so much but we have plans of meeting in New Orleans in April for mine and Frank's anniversary. I read yesterday that Angelina and Brad have moved there so I guess anyone who knows us can guess what we will be doing in between stipclubs and eating all the cajun food we can find!

03 October 2006

In Memory Of Ollie

My beloved grandmother died Monday morning at 2am. She and my grandfather were the first parents I ever had.

She had a stroke about 10 years ago and went from a mean ole snake to a funny silly woman. She was always fond of watching people fall down, loved all videos of men getting hit in the crotches and very much loved her grandbabies. After her stroke she still loved these things along with grabbing her son-in law's butts and farting and pooping on whoever was changing her diaper.

My grandmother loved me. I was her favorite. I am not saying that because I think that but because the whole family will tell you that. Her favoritism passed down to my son Allen. He went with her every where. Se would come and get him from my house and 3 days latter I would be begging her to please bring him home. Wherever grandma was, Allen would be right beside her. He told me as she lay there dying and we all were crying that he looked around the room. Frank was hugging me. Judy was hugging Nelson and my mom was hugging Trey. He said he then realized there was no one left to hug him anymore. That will ring in my ears for the rest of my life.

She finally gave up her fight at 2:20am Monday morning with all of her kids and most of her grandkids and great grandkids at her side. Not just at her side but with every one of our hands all of her little body when she took her last breath. We should all be that lucky.

I love you my sweet grandma and you will be missed.

14 September 2006

Time Flies When Things Are Out Of Control

I know I have not updated since Sage was born but things were much hareder than I ever dreamed they would be. I cried nonstop the first week we were home. I never dreamed taking care of two babies would be so difficult. I cannot imagine how people manage twins.

Long story short things are much easier now. Sage is 3 months and Roman is 15 months. We have finally fallen into a routine. Roman still loves his little sister and Allen is the best "nanny" anyone could ask for. They are both VERY beautiful babies. Frank and I did a really great job making those angels. To bad there want be anymore.

I miss Rita very much and Kris and I are talking more than we have in a long time. It is really nice to reconnect with her. We have more in common now than we have had in the past(marriage, stepkids, ect....) and its nice. She is one of the few connections Ihave to the world outside of this house.

Picture update coming soon. I can't help but show them off I am soo proud.

08 August 2006

Picture Overload Part II


That's one silly boy!


Ok, I repeat, I am not responsible for the wierd Ga. outfit on my son. That is the work of my sister-in-law. Sage was only like 2 weeks old in that picture but already looking up to her big bro.


He kisses her ALL day long but as of yesterday he has added grabbing her face and sqeezing leaving two scratches. The newness of baby sissy might be wearing off. This is probably due to the fact she started cooing and smiling this week getting more attention than she has in the last 7 and a half weeks. He is used to being the entertainment for the masses and will not share the spotlight easily.

01 August 2006

picture overload

Sage is 6 and a half weeks old. Here are some pics from the last 4 weeks of her and Roman. Time is flying by!


Sage at 4 weeks old



This picture is no just to show what a cute girl he woul have mad or what a mean mama I am. I stead it is meant to show how little Sage is. The bow he has in his hair is the same one she is wearing in the above picure. He still would have made a cute girl.


Those eyes kill me. Roman spends the entire time I have the camera out trying to get the camara.


This one was taken when she was about 2 weeks old. They slept like that for quite a while before I became afraid that Roman would crush her.

More pictures coming, to tired to finish the rest tonight.