17 January 2007

New Year, New Post

Ok, I'm tired of seeing that same post about my grandmother everytime I come here.

Here's a brief update. All is well. Holidays were nice and quiet this year. Babies are great. Romans is 19 months and Sagey girl is 7 months. She is starting to look like her brother in the eye area. This actually means she is starting to look like me in the eye area since Roman has my eyes.

Our life is full of diapers, mushy food, lots and lots of giggles with the ocasional tantrum thrown in for good measure.

Hopefully I will get some recent photos up soon.

The other boys are great. Allen is still being homeschooled. Nelson is making A's and B's. Trey is busy being a teenager and driving us all crazy because he knows everything and we all know nothing. Cody has decided to move down this summer and STAY! He misses his little brother and sister and wants to got to high school with Allen next year.

Frank and I are doing fine as well. Frank is very busy these days. He works his butt off and always seems to pull us through the rough spots quickly which makes the rough spots not nearly as depressing as they used to be.

I still miss Rita so much but we have plans of meeting in New Orleans in April for mine and Frank's anniversary. I read yesterday that Angelina and Brad have moved there so I guess anyone who knows us can guess what we will be doing in between stipclubs and eating all the cajun food we can find!


Will Sansbury said...

Yay! A Robin post!

And fantastic news about Cody!

I miss you guys... I'm sorry I'm such a sucky friend at keeping in touch.

Krisitna said...

Woo Hoo - She's back!

Glad to finally see an update and congrats about Cody! That is awesome!

Love you!

HotMama said...

Hi Will. Miss you too!