30 January 2006

For Kris


I started feeling baby kick this past Saturday the 28th of January.

11 weeks 4D sono

These two sono picts were from about 5 weeks ago but Kris fussed that I have not updated on my pregnancy. My next sono is on FEB. 16 We should find out if it is a boy or a girl.

This pic was taken by Allen last Thursday. I am in my 16th week of prgnancy.
I you can believe it, the belly has gotten bigger in the last 4 days.

sono pic done on the same day as the one above at 11 weeks.

Just Stopping By For A Minute

I am still having trouble getting pictures on here. When I have these problems I usually email them to RitaPita and she does it from her computer. This too has been delayed because she has a toothache and other stuff going on. So hopefully I will get it done soon.

Thanks to my friend Kristina I am probably going to end up with more maternity clothes for this pregnancy than I have in regular clothes in my closet. That will be great for me because I will have many of cute things to choose from when i feel like a barge and good for her because these will come back to her when she is ready to use them.

Roman had a terrible ear infections lat week along with the crazzy chapped chin thing. After two trips to the pediatrician, antibiotics, and some great steroid cream he is doing much better. He has his personality back and his little face is about 95% healed now.

Nelson (who has never really been athletic) will be haveing his first basketball game tonight. I am so looking forward to it. Frank and I have bet going on if he really run or not. I say yes, he says no.

Thanks for the comments Bradley, Kris, Rita, and Dottie. Now I know I am not the only one writing and reading this.

25 January 2006

Dusting Off The Cobwebs In My Mind

I spend a lot of time alone which gives me a lot of time to thinking about everything and nothing all at once. So I have decided to let you see the things that keep my wheels turning as trivial as some may be.

- Star Jones talks way to much. Does she really think I give a shit about her opinion and that of her dingy little monkey Elizabeth Hasselback (or whatever).

- Why is it as soon as my sex drive shoots through the roof my husband starts to act like a seventy year old man. Leaving me to lie awake for hours thinking about sex as he snores. Not to mention that there is a 7 month old baby between us.

- Why did we worry about getting the perfect crib and even go as far as moving it into our room if the baby is never going to sleep in it.

- Why does the baby between us in bed insist on sleeping sideways and smacking his father in the face while kicking me in the baby belly all night. And when I try to put him in his own bed he sticks his feet straight up in the air making it impossible to cover him up. He then wakes and realizes he is not in our bed and commences to pitching a fit until I put him back in our bed where he promptly turns over and goes to sleep, no pacifier no booby.

- Trying figure how my little baby BOY screams like a girl when I try suction the snot out of his little head.

- There is nothing cute or adorable about snot bubbles.

- When I actually take the time to curl my hair and put on makeup why in the fuck does nobody bother saying anything,….Frank! Same goes for cleaning the house and making your fucking tea.

- Why can I not get enough of Brit Brit Spears, stopping to read everything I can about her in magazines, and being disgusted with myself and her all at the same time.

- Why I feel guilty because I do not post everyday. No one cares but me!

- Trying to figure out why I have had so much morning sickness when all I want to do is eat. I should be able to eat anything and everthing right now.

24 January 2006

23 January 2006


Roman loves the bathtub. He actualy spent a small amount of time farting in the tub during this bath. That was a first.
If you can look past the chap chin here is my sweet baby. He is 7 months old now.

I love putting hats on this child. He is so cute in them.

Ok. Speaking of chap chin. Does anyone know how to get rid of it. We have tried everthing. All the pediatrian recommended creams and lotions. I have also tried hydrocortizone, antbiotic ointment, petroleum jelly. I even put diaper rash cream on it and nothing. It has been looking a little better the last couple of day but eating irratates it. It also looks terrible in pictres and I just can't have that. Any advice welcomed!

18 January 2006

Just A Couple Of Things That Piss Me Off

I saw this on another blog yesterday and thought it was the most awsome idea I have ever seen!

This subject has been a sore spot for me for a very long time. It is about time someone is doing something about it.

Check this out!

Also My mother law worked with the poor victim of this Freak Accident. Everyone in her office is devastated and shocked. The Ex-couple were on their way to child support recovery to settle some things for their five year old. They of course never made it and the child is without both parents to one very crazy accident. The trees in this area are very old and fall a lot. When we lived downtown in this area two tress fell throught two different houses in that year. Many people complained that something needed to be done about these trees but were ignored. Thank God no one was hurt then. I hate that two innocent people died because the city of August have not taken care of the problem that they are very much aware of.

And lastly: So much for the pics I promised but I can't get blogger to work. It is making me crazy.

15 January 2006

Ditches, Poker, and A Camara

It's Sunday and quite quiet actually. The whole weekend has been very slow. That's ok, we need one of those sometimes. I had a really good nap today while Frank played with Roman. A much needed nap.

I did almost kill my husband in the early hours of Saturday. As I mentioned in the last post he went to play poker. Friday night we had many bad storms in the area and tornadoes watches all over the our county and the one around us. I woke up at 1:30 am in a panic. I had visions of Frank laying in a ditch for some reason. I did not know at that point if he had a couple of drinks which is quite common for the poker games and i was filled worry. I lay awake until almost 3am and then called him. After I yelled at him for not being home yet he said he would be here soon. Yeah right, I thought. Well at 3:30am he came rolling in. The first words out of his mouth were, "I know you're mad but......." After that I was fine. Sometimes it's nice to have your anger over something acknowledged as being valid. He did have fun and won over a $100 bucks which was cool for him.

Well, we are fixing to start dinner and I have a whining hungry baby to get to.

Hopefully in the next couple of days I will have some picture updates for you guys. We got a new digital camera for Christmas. Well it sucked so it went back and we finally replaced it with a great one. I am so happy. I have almost two months of picture taking to catch up on. My old camera was mysteriously broken months ago so I have been waiting for my new camera so I can go picture crazy again.

13 January 2006


I seem to be out of sorts. I don't think it is as much hormonal as just lonely. I have not realy had any one to talk to for a couple of weeks except Allen. And to be honest I just don't get that kid sometimes.

My husband ran off to play poker tonight. I know what you are thinking I just didn't want him to go. But actually his playing poker this week was my idea. I know he likes it and it is a outlet. We all need one of those. I think that is my problem, I don't have an outlet. If I were to choose an outloet I don't even know what it would be. I think I need to get out more. No, not like bars and all that crap. I have already said I have had my fill of those.

I think one problem is, is that we are a one car faimly. I usually only get the car when I have a doctor appointment. I do have many of those but that is not a good time out. When I think about it I don't know what I would do if I had the way and means to do anything I wanted to.

I think I am just feeling out of touch with the world. My whole life I have lived in populated areas and now their is no one out there but squirrels and deer. And as I stated in my last post, not a fan of nature so none of that does me any good.

As I write this I realize this is not the first kind of post I have written on the subject. Maybe it is more depression rather than loneliness. I have fought and been treated for depression most of my adult life. But seeing how I have spent what seems like the last two years pregnant medication has been pushed to the back burner. I thought about it before I got pregnant again but I am breastfeeding Roman and that seems more important than me feeling good. In fact I think I would feel worse if I could not breastfeed him.

I actually feel better just writing this. So maybe this is my outlet. Scary thought, huh. Scary because I only get around to doing it about once a week.

Ok, I am bored with this bitch fest. I am sure you are too. Until next time.

12 January 2006

Deadly Oyters and Poison Ivy

Did I tell you guys I got a killer case of poison ivy (oak or sumac, whatever) for Christmas. Frank took the boys out to cut fire wood the day before Christmas eve. Well come Christmas morning Nelson and Cody had a questionable rash on their faces. We decided it was most likely poison ivy. No big deal kids get poison ivy. But not me.

I do not go out into nature for a reason. There are bugs, snakes, poison ivy, sprained ankles, and many other things that are not good. i don't care what people say. Nature sucks!

Now back to my story. I woke up the day after Christmas for our anual day after Christmas shopping. I had a few bubble like welts above my left breast. Over the nect couple of days I watched the same thing pop up all over my body. My stomach, back legs, and sides. Now let me explain. As far as I can figure I came in contact with the sap when I did their laundry. And i'm a toucher. Of myself. Always have been. This has never been a problem. Until know. I had no idea when I did their laundry that they had gotten into poison ivy. As of yesterday it is finally clearing up. Yes that would be three weeks after geting it. Three Fucking weeks. Three fucking ithy weeks.

Nelson, who is alergic to everything had a really bad reation to it and was put on steroids. Me being pregnant could not do that so I had to suffer it out. I'm better know, thanks for asking. Oh, you didn't. Well i'm telling you anyway.

Now deadly oysters. We went out to eat last Friday night like we always do. We were with Frank's mom and sister which is normal to. Frank and his mother ate raw oysters with their diner. A lot of raw oysters that lead to a lot of diarhea and puking that did no start until Sunday mornimg. They both were crippled with terrible cramps and felt like crap. Both missed work for a couple of days. I am so glad he is better and back at work. I am terrible at taking care of Frank when he is sick. If you don't believe me ask him. He will tell you.

I ask Frank if this meant that we could never go back to this resteraunt. He said that would not keep him away, the rest of the food was yummy. Thank God, because this is the only place I have ever been that serves shrimp wrapped in bacon. Which might be the best food invention ever made. Someone should get a trophy or gold watch or something for that one.

04 January 2006

Happy Birthday Allen!

Today Allen turns 15!
He has gotten so tall. He also has started to give me a look that looks just like his dad. Not all the time just when he thinks something is funny. Today we will go to the DMV and get him a driver's manual. Scary thought for a kid that can't remember why he is standing at the sink with his toothpaste in hand. All I can say is "Get of the road people!"
I Love You and Happy Birthday!
(He is not happy about my choice of pics but I like it)

03 January 2006

Sharp Tooth Strikes Again

Roman is still the proud owner of one very sharp tooth. He bites everything with his very sharp tooth. He bites his toys. He bites my fingers. He bites his spoon when I am feeding him. But worst of all he bites my nipples. He did it maybe twice during the last two weeks and one of those he was asleep. No big deal I knew we would eventually go through this but in the last 24 hours I have been bitten 5 times. OMG the pain. I usually yell out when he does this but all he does is smile at me. He thinks it is funny to use his mother's sore hormonal nipples as his personal chew toy. I however am not finding much humor in it. I havebeen trying to figure out how to let him know that he cannot do this. Telling him "No!" in a very firm voice only makes him laugh even more. God help me when he gets more teeth. If he does not let up soon I am going to reach in there and pull that one very sharp tooth put with my bare hands. And everyone that comes in there after. I have plenty of pureed baby food he can live on that the rest of life. What does he really need teeth for?

01 January 2006

Happy New Year!

I don't do New Year Resolutions. But I have thought about what I wanted out of the next year.

2005 was pretty awsome. Frank and I welcomed the baby we never truly thought we would would ever had. Roman has not only made our life brighter but he has changed the entire dynamic of our house. We are all much more gentle, silly, quiet, and loving then we were pre-Roman.

Our life in general went from 90 MPH to about 25 MPH. Before Roman came along we spent much time going out and doing things we thought we wanted to do but always felt like a wasted night afterwards. Like we could have done something more fun. Something more worthwhile. Know our life wrapped around nothing but faimly. Just about everthing we do involves relatives. The idea of this would probably send most screaming into the night. But to us it is exactly what we wanted after years of drinking and staying out all night. I have actually gotten to know my in-laws and I like them!

2005 also brought me a strange loneliness that I learned to deal with. When Frank and I left the church we considered home I did not think I would ever recover. But I did. And even though I have decided that I will never find a church that I will call home, I have found my life is less crazy and unpredictable and I never have to worry if anyone is mad at me or if I said or did the right thing to fit IN. I also branched out and met new people and revistited old friendships (HI KRIS) I let slip into the cracks because I was to busy trying to keep up with other ones. I would never had made the choice to make the changes on my own. These are definetly changes that come with force of things out of your control. But they are also the changes that form our life and take us in directions we would never have went on our own.

Now on to 2006. Frank and I have a new baby coming to us this year. One that we did not plan but one that is already so welcomed. We are holding his/her's place in this family with great hope that he/she will bring great things to our life like his/her big brother Roman has done.

Frank and I have our eye on some very specific changes this year. Things that will make us not only happy but again force new turns in this road we call life.

Happy New Year all. I hope your last was as good as mine and hope the new one holds as much hope and happiness in it as mine!