23 January 2006


Roman loves the bathtub. He actualy spent a small amount of time farting in the tub during this bath. That was a first.
If you can look past the chap chin here is my sweet baby. He is 7 months old now.

I love putting hats on this child. He is so cute in them.

Ok. Speaking of chap chin. Does anyone know how to get rid of it. We have tried everthing. All the pediatrian recommended creams and lotions. I have also tried hydrocortizone, antbiotic ointment, petroleum jelly. I even put diaper rash cream on it and nothing. It has been looking a little better the last couple of day but eating irratates it. It also looks terrible in pictres and I just can't have that. Any advice welcomed!

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MoMMY said...

I suggest Lansinol. That stuff you use for nursing. Okay for them to ingest and sticky so it doesn't wipe right off.