25 January 2006

Dusting Off The Cobwebs In My Mind

I spend a lot of time alone which gives me a lot of time to thinking about everything and nothing all at once. So I have decided to let you see the things that keep my wheels turning as trivial as some may be.

- Star Jones talks way to much. Does she really think I give a shit about her opinion and that of her dingy little monkey Elizabeth Hasselback (or whatever).

- Why is it as soon as my sex drive shoots through the roof my husband starts to act like a seventy year old man. Leaving me to lie awake for hours thinking about sex as he snores. Not to mention that there is a 7 month old baby between us.

- Why did we worry about getting the perfect crib and even go as far as moving it into our room if the baby is never going to sleep in it.

- Why does the baby between us in bed insist on sleeping sideways and smacking his father in the face while kicking me in the baby belly all night. And when I try to put him in his own bed he sticks his feet straight up in the air making it impossible to cover him up. He then wakes and realizes he is not in our bed and commences to pitching a fit until I put him back in our bed where he promptly turns over and goes to sleep, no pacifier no booby.

- Trying figure how my little baby BOY screams like a girl when I try suction the snot out of his little head.

- There is nothing cute or adorable about snot bubbles.

- When I actually take the time to curl my hair and put on makeup why in the fuck does nobody bother saying anything,….Frank! Same goes for cleaning the house and making your fucking tea.

- Why can I not get enough of Brit Brit Spears, stopping to read everything I can about her in magazines, and being disgusted with myself and her all at the same time.

- Why I feel guilty because I do not post everyday. No one cares but me!

- Trying to figure out why I have had so much morning sickness when all I want to do is eat. I should be able to eat anything and everthing right now.


Kris said...

I care if you update or not. I cannot get enough of pipsqueak monkey legs and I am dying to get more updates on the newest bun in the oven. ~~~ You don't post near enough for me. With my schedule, this is how I stay connected (one sided-ly) to you.

Love you!!!!!!!!

RitaPita said...

Preach it Kris!

Robin, we read you even if we aren't commenting. And we love you.

And OMG, Star Jones, I know! Did you read Dlisted and what MK siad about her? *snort* He is one wicked (wickedly funny) man.

Bradley Egel said...

Hot Mama -

Rita Pita gave you a shout out today..and so..I must do what RP says :)

I came to visit and of course loved your site :)

You have been blogrolled at The Egel Nest!

Nice to meet you :)

The Egel Nest

Dottie said...

I love reading your blog, even if I don't always post a comment.

jenn said...

i read your blogs all the time!!