12 January 2006

Deadly Oyters and Poison Ivy

Did I tell you guys I got a killer case of poison ivy (oak or sumac, whatever) for Christmas. Frank took the boys out to cut fire wood the day before Christmas eve. Well come Christmas morning Nelson and Cody had a questionable rash on their faces. We decided it was most likely poison ivy. No big deal kids get poison ivy. But not me.

I do not go out into nature for a reason. There are bugs, snakes, poison ivy, sprained ankles, and many other things that are not good. i don't care what people say. Nature sucks!

Now back to my story. I woke up the day after Christmas for our anual day after Christmas shopping. I had a few bubble like welts above my left breast. Over the nect couple of days I watched the same thing pop up all over my body. My stomach, back legs, and sides. Now let me explain. As far as I can figure I came in contact with the sap when I did their laundry. And i'm a toucher. Of myself. Always have been. This has never been a problem. Until know. I had no idea when I did their laundry that they had gotten into poison ivy. As of yesterday it is finally clearing up. Yes that would be three weeks after geting it. Three Fucking weeks. Three fucking ithy weeks.

Nelson, who is alergic to everything had a really bad reation to it and was put on steroids. Me being pregnant could not do that so I had to suffer it out. I'm better know, thanks for asking. Oh, you didn't. Well i'm telling you anyway.

Now deadly oysters. We went out to eat last Friday night like we always do. We were with Frank's mom and sister which is normal to. Frank and his mother ate raw oysters with their diner. A lot of raw oysters that lead to a lot of diarhea and puking that did no start until Sunday mornimg. They both were crippled with terrible cramps and felt like crap. Both missed work for a couple of days. I am so glad he is better and back at work. I am terrible at taking care of Frank when he is sick. If you don't believe me ask him. He will tell you.

I ask Frank if this meant that we could never go back to this resteraunt. He said that would not keep him away, the rest of the food was yummy. Thank God, because this is the only place I have ever been that serves shrimp wrapped in bacon. Which might be the best food invention ever made. Someone should get a trophy or gold watch or something for that one.

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RitaPita said...

And i'm a toucher. Of myself.

setting yourself up for the perverts on goggle with that one. :)