18 January 2006

Just A Couple Of Things That Piss Me Off

I saw this on another blog yesterday and thought it was the most awsome idea I have ever seen!

This subject has been a sore spot for me for a very long time. It is about time someone is doing something about it.

Check this out!

Also My mother law worked with the poor victim of this Freak Accident. Everyone in her office is devastated and shocked. The Ex-couple were on their way to child support recovery to settle some things for their five year old. They of course never made it and the child is without both parents to one very crazy accident. The trees in this area are very old and fall a lot. When we lived downtown in this area two tress fell throught two different houses in that year. Many people complained that something needed to be done about these trees but were ignored. Thank God no one was hurt then. I hate that two innocent people died because the city of August have not taken care of the problem that they are very much aware of.

And lastly: So much for the pics I promised but I can't get blogger to work. It is making me crazy.

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