30 January 2006

Just Stopping By For A Minute

I am still having trouble getting pictures on here. When I have these problems I usually email them to RitaPita and she does it from her computer. This too has been delayed because she has a toothache and other stuff going on. So hopefully I will get it done soon.

Thanks to my friend Kristina I am probably going to end up with more maternity clothes for this pregnancy than I have in regular clothes in my closet. That will be great for me because I will have many of cute things to choose from when i feel like a barge and good for her because these will come back to her when she is ready to use them.

Roman had a terrible ear infections lat week along with the crazzy chapped chin thing. After two trips to the pediatrician, antibiotics, and some great steroid cream he is doing much better. He has his personality back and his little face is about 95% healed now.

Nelson (who has never really been athletic) will be haveing his first basketball game tonight. I am so looking forward to it. Frank and I have bet going on if he really run or not. I say yes, he says no.

Thanks for the comments Bradley, Kris, Rita, and Dottie. Now I know I am not the only one writing and reading this.


CrazyPhotoCat said...

Just to let you know you are not the only one reading it. I do but I am not a big on posting comments.

RitaPita said...

pics are loaded and saved and you are ready to go girlie. :)

its not a tooth ache. its a war in my mouth and pain is winning.

Bradley Egel said...

I have come back and checked every day since Rita sent me :)

Glad to see something new posted :)

Looking forward to pics... :)

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