03 January 2006

Sharp Tooth Strikes Again

Roman is still the proud owner of one very sharp tooth. He bites everything with his very sharp tooth. He bites his toys. He bites my fingers. He bites his spoon when I am feeding him. But worst of all he bites my nipples. He did it maybe twice during the last two weeks and one of those he was asleep. No big deal I knew we would eventually go through this but in the last 24 hours I have been bitten 5 times. OMG the pain. I usually yell out when he does this but all he does is smile at me. He thinks it is funny to use his mother's sore hormonal nipples as his personal chew toy. I however am not finding much humor in it. I havebeen trying to figure out how to let him know that he cannot do this. Telling him "No!" in a very firm voice only makes him laugh even more. God help me when he gets more teeth. If he does not let up soon I am going to reach in there and pull that one very sharp tooth put with my bare hands. And everyone that comes in there after. I have plenty of pureed baby food he can live on that the rest of life. What does he really need teeth for?

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