01 January 2006

Happy New Year!

I don't do New Year Resolutions. But I have thought about what I wanted out of the next year.

2005 was pretty awsome. Frank and I welcomed the baby we never truly thought we would would ever had. Roman has not only made our life brighter but he has changed the entire dynamic of our house. We are all much more gentle, silly, quiet, and loving then we were pre-Roman.

Our life in general went from 90 MPH to about 25 MPH. Before Roman came along we spent much time going out and doing things we thought we wanted to do but always felt like a wasted night afterwards. Like we could have done something more fun. Something more worthwhile. Know our life wrapped around nothing but faimly. Just about everthing we do involves relatives. The idea of this would probably send most screaming into the night. But to us it is exactly what we wanted after years of drinking and staying out all night. I have actually gotten to know my in-laws and I like them!

2005 also brought me a strange loneliness that I learned to deal with. When Frank and I left the church we considered home I did not think I would ever recover. But I did. And even though I have decided that I will never find a church that I will call home, I have found my life is less crazy and unpredictable and I never have to worry if anyone is mad at me or if I said or did the right thing to fit IN. I also branched out and met new people and revistited old friendships (HI KRIS) I let slip into the cracks because I was to busy trying to keep up with other ones. I would never had made the choice to make the changes on my own. These are definetly changes that come with force of things out of your control. But they are also the changes that form our life and take us in directions we would never have went on our own.

Now on to 2006. Frank and I have a new baby coming to us this year. One that we did not plan but one that is already so welcomed. We are holding his/her's place in this family with great hope that he/she will bring great things to our life like his/her big brother Roman has done.

Frank and I have our eye on some very specific changes this year. Things that will make us not only happy but again force new turns in this road we call life.

Happy New Year all. I hope your last was as good as mine and hope the new one holds as much hope and happiness in it as mine!


RitaPita said...

beautiful post girlie.

hanson said...

It is hard to find a place to call home...but where people can learn to grow there's always hope...looks like that is happening with you.
Blessings to you and your family Robin.

HotMama said...

Thanks, Hanson!