28 December 2005

Happy Birthday Ritapita

Today is my very best friend in the whole wide worlds birthday. Happy birthday Ritapita!

The things that Ritapia brought into my life during her 25th year of life on this earth.

- laughter
- listening to me whine about Frank without running away
- rubbing my back and talking softly to me when I was only dialated 3cm with roman and was acting like I was at least 9cm
- still being my friend when I was pregnant and a hormonal bitch
- still being my friend when I am just a bitch
- answering the telephone EVERY single morning when I call to say, "Good Morning!"
- bringing a coupon to help pay for her own birthday dinner
- acting like I am great mom and asking me if, "Xavier did blah blah and is this normal?" and then actually listening to what i have to say and telling me thank you, I made you feel better.
- Going dancing with me at the gay bar when I was 7 months pregnant and dancing with me. That could not have been to pretty.
- taking me out ot eat on my birthday
- sitting in a ER for 7 or 8 hours to watch my 5 and a half month old while you toddler ran around and not c0mplaining.
- defending me whenever someone tries to say bad things about me and sticking to your guns when they still do
- showing me what an amazing and true friend can be if I give them a chance and always being a much better friend to me then I am to her

OK, I'm done with the mushy stuff. I love you. Happy birthday!!!!!!


RitaPita said...

This post was the best (and only) gift I have got today).

a few comments:

I whine about Jay, you whine about Frank. It works for both of us.

Man you are a cranky bitch when preggers.

All other bitch moments are fun because they are not directed at me! :)

You are the only person I know who likes to talk on the phone in the A.M. Never stop calling me in the mornings!

Dancing with HotMama when pregnant? hehehe.. I still need to devolope those pics.. do you remember the illicit up the skirt pic?

Defending you? Always. Your'e my girl and I got your back beeeeeoch!

Love ya too.

RitaPita said...

and another thing!

bullshit on the better friend thing. you are an awesome friend

and yet, one more thing!

I love that we have finally been friends long enough to say "remember when"