24 December 2005

Time of Death: 10:30 pm

Well the gingerbread cookies were exactly as I suspected they would be, a disater! First problem, I did not have the right flour so we did not get started until 8pm or so. Once dough chilled for an hour I attempted to roll it out only to find it way to sticky. After adding an ungodly amount of flour I got it rolled out. I then had boys come in to choose which cookie cutters they wanted to use. This is where the other problem started. The dough was stuck to the wax paper and I could not peel it of without distorting a hand or a foot. I actually thought that was the point of wax paper, nothing is suppose to stick to it. Stupid wax paper. I finally got all the cookies to the pan to bake them. I felt like I was trying to do gingerbread cookie plastic surgery by reshaping thier little hands, feet, and heads. Once they finally came out of the oven they were not as bad as we thought they were going to be. You could actually recognize.

The boys had fun icing and dumping decorations all over them. I guess that is all that matters. They said they tasted really good. That seemed to be true because they made three a peice and they were gone in a blink of a eye.


One in the belly (to be named latter!)


RitaPita said...

i say we name her Ginger. As in GINGERBREAD! (whooooo, I crack myself up!)

I wish I could have seen the boys creations! I would bet that Nelsons had nipples.. and if they didn't, he thought about it!

Kristina said...

Of course they had nipples - you ARE talking about the boy who, as a young child, would put wood clamps on his nipples!!!!

HotMama said...

coudn't resist could you Kris?