27 April 2006

Sorry, We're out of Milk

Yesterday was the first day and night that Roman was not nursed. I have been feeling things change in that area for a couple of weeks. We had pretty much gone to night nursing and only one or two times a day. That was bad a enough. Roman has been slow putting weight on so the doctor suggested at his 9 month check up that I try him on formula once a day. Needless to lay he was not hav'in it. He will drink a cup of juice a day but NO formula. I can understand because it smells terrible.

Well the day before yesterday he bit the fire out of both of my nipples. It hurt, BAD! Frank suggested that I pump for a couple of days to give them time to heal. I started pumping upon waking yesterday and then two hour after that, producing less than half an ounce. I was devastated. How long has this been going on? Is this why he bit the crap out of me? Have I been dehydrating my baby?

When I started out nursing him I committed to a year. It's been a week short of 11 months. Rita says that is great. I think not so much, I am not done.

Yesterday left me with a delimia of what in the world is my baby going to drink? I tried formula again. After he threw it across the room I called his doctor. She said that she was not happy about it but whole milk and vitamins would be fine. I was already doing the vitamins so I got the milk out. Guess what? He hates that too. For those who no nothing about breast milk it is sweet. Making everything else taste bitter I guess. I finally broke down and added a tiny drop of strawberry syrup against my better judgement and of course he loved it!

Well, last night I convinced him his pacifier was ok, instead of my boob. He actually did ok. So just like that, It's over. I am so sad. I was not done. I am going to miss nursing my little baby. Yeah, I know I have one that will be here in about 7 weeks that will be breastfeeding but it's not the same. I. Want. To. Breast. Feed. Roman. The. End.

26 April 2006

Back Pain

I have been up for hours now with some awful back pain and contractions. Once i get out of the bed it feels better. I have been doing this every couple of weeks for a while. I guess it is the whole dehydration thing. Whatever it is, it hurts. Makes me hope that I do not have back labor.

And the fact that Roman was super restless last night is not helping. I am so tired. I hope that if I stay up a little while long er I can go back to sleep. Wish me luck.

24 April 2006

Roman 10 and a half Months


Roman is now 10 and a half months and has decided to that crawling is not such a bad idea. I had pretty much decided he was never going to crawl just stand up and walk. He is growing way to fast.

Belly Gallery Updated

28 weeks pregnant.


Nelson's belly at my 28 weeks pregnant.


Allen's butt at my 28 weeks pregnant.

My boys don't have any sense but you have to love them for the weirdness!

21 April 2006

Happy Anniversary

Thanks for the last five years. The good and the bad!

I Love You!


19 April 2006

No Hope Left

My sister left rehab today.

My mother refuses to go to church tonight.

17 April 2006


I know I have not been around in a couple of weeks but I have some really good reasons.

1) Frank's uncle spent a week in the ICU while here on vacation.
2) Frank's uncle died
3) Sister finally went in rehab....Thank You God!
4) We went to Louisianna for funeral
5) Stopped many many times to sight see and take pictures inclding a overnight in New Orleans.
6) Grandmother is now in hospital.

I have a million pictures I hope to get uo soon.