03 October 2006

In Memory Of Ollie

My beloved grandmother died Monday morning at 2am. She and my grandfather were the first parents I ever had.

She had a stroke about 10 years ago and went from a mean ole snake to a funny silly woman. She was always fond of watching people fall down, loved all videos of men getting hit in the crotches and very much loved her grandbabies. After her stroke she still loved these things along with grabbing her son-in law's butts and farting and pooping on whoever was changing her diaper.

My grandmother loved me. I was her favorite. I am not saying that because I think that but because the whole family will tell you that. Her favoritism passed down to my son Allen. He went with her every where. Se would come and get him from my house and 3 days latter I would be begging her to please bring him home. Wherever grandma was, Allen would be right beside her. He told me as she lay there dying and we all were crying that he looked around the room. Frank was hugging me. Judy was hugging Nelson and my mom was hugging Trey. He said he then realized there was no one left to hug him anymore. That will ring in my ears for the rest of my life.

She finally gave up her fight at 2:20am Monday morning with all of her kids and most of her grandkids and great grandkids at her side. Not just at her side but with every one of our hands all of her little body when she took her last breath. We should all be that lucky.

I love you my sweet grandma and you will be missed.

14 September 2006

Time Flies When Things Are Out Of Control

I know I have not updated since Sage was born but things were much hareder than I ever dreamed they would be. I cried nonstop the first week we were home. I never dreamed taking care of two babies would be so difficult. I cannot imagine how people manage twins.

Long story short things are much easier now. Sage is 3 months and Roman is 15 months. We have finally fallen into a routine. Roman still loves his little sister and Allen is the best "nanny" anyone could ask for. They are both VERY beautiful babies. Frank and I did a really great job making those angels. To bad there want be anymore.

I miss Rita very much and Kris and I are talking more than we have in a long time. It is really nice to reconnect with her. We have more in common now than we have had in the past(marriage, stepkids, ect....) and its nice. She is one of the few connections Ihave to the world outside of this house.

Picture update coming soon. I can't help but show them off I am soo proud.

08 August 2006

Picture Overload Part II


That's one silly boy!


Ok, I repeat, I am not responsible for the wierd Ga. outfit on my son. That is the work of my sister-in-law. Sage was only like 2 weeks old in that picture but already looking up to her big bro.


He kisses her ALL day long but as of yesterday he has added grabbing her face and sqeezing leaving two scratches. The newness of baby sissy might be wearing off. This is probably due to the fact she started cooing and smiling this week getting more attention than she has in the last 7 and a half weeks. He is used to being the entertainment for the masses and will not share the spotlight easily.

01 August 2006

picture overload

Sage is 6 and a half weeks old. Here are some pics from the last 4 weeks of her and Roman. Time is flying by!


Sage at 4 weeks old



This picture is no just to show what a cute girl he woul have mad or what a mean mama I am. I stead it is meant to show how little Sage is. The bow he has in his hair is the same one she is wearing in the above picure. He still would have made a cute girl.


Those eyes kill me. Roman spends the entire time I have the camera out trying to get the camara.


This one was taken when she was about 2 weeks old. They slept like that for quite a while before I became afraid that Roman would crush her.

More pictures coming, to tired to finish the rest tonight.

23 June 2006

Thank You & Congratulations

Thanks Will and Sarah for dinner. It was yummy.

Congrats to Jennifer and Seth. I wish geat happiness. I wish I could be there!

21 June 2006

Introducing .........


Sage Olivia Grace




My complete family. No. I mean it this time....I don't care if you believe me.


My babies. Roman looks like a monster next to her.


His first reation was hugging and kissing her. Sweet, huh?


This pic is just because he is so darn cute.

20 June 2006

First things First

I know I promised pictures of baby Sage but since her big brother ate that cord thingy I have to get a disk made and it was dropped off today. These were picked up. Some pics of Roman's first bithday and our trip to the beach a couple of weeks ago.


Roman digging into his first birthday cake.






We are so cute and so is my belly.

18 June 2006

Sage Olivia Grace Is Here!

Born: 6/16/06 @ 11pm
5lb 12oz
19 1/4 inches long

She came barely 2 hours after induction. Started induction a little after 9pm and she came at 11pm on the dot. It was truly amazing. She is perfect. A head FULL of black hair. We are home now.

I did not tear and have no stitches. Feel surprisingly great! Will try and get pictures up soon.

Roman hugged and kissed her yesterday at hospital. Waiting to for his grandmother to bring him and to see how he reacts with her in "his" space.

Will give a more detailed story of birth latter.

16 June 2006

Why can't It Be Easy

I had my amnio yesterday. Our tried rather. Sage decided to back into the pocket BOTH times needle was inserted. I had gone in having terrible cramps and contractions so DR did internal exam before a third stick and I was 3 cm 80% effaced. Which is progress from Tuesday. He sent me to L&D where I was monitored for a couple of hours. I did not make any more prgress with my steady contractions so he sent me home.

I have to go back to L&D at 5pm today. I will be checked again and if I am 4 cm he is going to induce if not they are going to keep me and try to do amnio again. Hopefully inducing with positvie mature lungs.

The amnio was a nightmare. It was agood long 20 minutes of needle being lft in to try and get her out of pocket.Dr was physcally pushing her to one side. It did not work but it was very painful.

My bag is packed for the hospital tonight. I plan on not coming home until I have my daughter.

15 June 2006

No Sleep For The Weary

Well here it is almost 4am and I am up again itching and having contractions. I really thought that something would have happened by now considering I am dialated some and effaced a lot but I guess like the rest of my children it is going to have to be baby Sage's idea.

I have my amnio sheduled for noon today and we should have results back in the afternoon. I pray that her lungs are ready. I am soooo ready tohave this little girl. I am also ready to play and hold my son again. He has been so neglected of attention from me for about a weeks now because I feel so crappy. The god thing about this is the fact that he has had a chance to bond with his father. They are closer than ever. He crawls around yelling "daddy." If Frank goes up the stairs or out he door he follows behind him crying. When Frank reapears he is so happy.

I am going to try and go back to sleep soon. will be back latter on today to let you know if we are having a baby tomorrow or not.

13 June 2006

We Are Really Going To Have A Baby

Just got back from appointment and I am 75% effaced and 2 cm. Maybe I won't have to worry about that pescky amnio and and induction after all.

Last OB Appointment Today

Well Thursday's amnio will tell. I hope today will be my official last OB appoinment. I am so ready to have this little girl. I am feeling good about it right now. I feel like she is ready but everyone is telling to to not get my hopes up. I have. I know I shoudn't but it is to late. I am just really ready for the itching to stop.

My thoughts now fall on birth control. We had planned on Frank getting clipped but he has decided that is not what he wants to do. This news makes his sister a little crazy. I have already made it clear that I will not be getting my tubes tied. Why would I do that again? It took so much to untie them. We DO NOT want any more children. I am going to try and make sure I remember to talk to my Dr. today to have something lined up at my post natel exam. If not I will probably be knocked up again this time next year. And that would not be a good thing for so many reason!

07 June 2006

Roman's First Birthday


Today Roman turned one. The past year has flown by. It is hard to believe that the baby above was ever the baby below


Roman has brought this family more joy than we ever could have imagined. I can't wait to watch him grow in the years to come. I love him more than I ever thought possible. He has changed my life. I live to see him smile.

Happy Birthday my sweet angel boy. I love you more thatn I could ever say!

06 June 2006

Finally an Answer

Had OB appointment today. I have been getting very little sleep again due to itching. By the time i made it to the OB today i was exhausted and frustrated. I was in tears by the time he came in the room.

Long story short. I will be 36 weeks a week from Thursday. We will be doing an amnio then and if baby's lungs are mature I will be induced the next day. that will be June 16. I pray for my sanity that her lungs are ready. Many prays this way would be GREAT!!!!!

Rita call me.

Trey is 17

Can you believe that. I can't. I am a little ate getting this up seeing how his birthday was over 3 and a half hours a go but "Happy Birthday Son!" We are going to clebrate his birthday with Roman's. It is weird to have my oldest turning 17 while youngest turns 1.

I guess that m;akes next year even weider.

A year ago at this very moment I was at the hospital getting ready to be induced with Roman. I wish that is where I could be right know. I am about to itch to death. I am ready to have this child so I can stop thinking about peeling my skin off.

29 May 2006

To Many Subjects In This Post To Title.

Boy was that last post a mess. I lost count of how many times I used know when i meant to use now.

My sister seems to being doing OK. She has found a job and she seems to like it. She is going on 14 days clean. I am very proud of her.

We are still working on Sage's room. It is so cute. It is painted in light pink and lavender. Frank has to give the pink another coat then we can start moving furniture in. I have a couple of shelves and a dresser to paint. I am dreading going through the five hundred boxes of girl's clothes my sister gave me. It is going to take forever. Luckly my sister-in-law and Mother-in-law are going to help me. The thought of it overwelhms me.

I also have decided to make a quilt for her. My friend Veronica gave me an adorable bedding set but it did not have a comforter to it so I have decided to make one. It will end up hanging on the wall but it will match. I have peiced my squares togeather added the batting and the backing and basted it. I sat down the other day and realized that I have no idea how tho actually quilt. Kris is suppose to show me how. I might try to go ahead and figure out how to do it on my own. I have searched the internet for help but have to really found anything that tells me what I need to know.

I miss Rita......

26 May 2006

It's Been So Long

I know its been a while but I have alot going on.

My sister has been spending her days here the last couple of weeks because she is not trusted enough to be left at my parents house by herself. She has been crack free for 12 days. I have not gotten my hopes of to high that she is going to stay this way because you can see the sruggle behind her eyes. As I have stated before even the "normal" sister that is not addicted to crack is not east to get along with. She has so may issues that are drug related. She really believes that the world should cater to her and her every need. She believes that she is the most beautiful person in the world. She spends much time in the mirror flipping her hair around. I know it may sound mean but she drives me crazy. Everytime we go out of the house, which is mostly to the doctors, she steps out to smoke and comes back with stories of how people stop to tell her how great beautiful she is and what a nice smile she has. Frankly she looks like shit. She has been smoking crack and doing god knows what for over two years. Even Angilina Jolie would look like crap after two years of that life style.

This is not the only problem though. She carries on about her "babies." You know the ones my mom has been raising for many many years now. But I think the thing that drives me crazy the most is the fact she keeps hinting around for my mom to get her car, an apartment , and a cell phone. All of things have been given to her over and over again only to be lost to her drug habit. She has time and time againg come to my parents to clean up for a couple of weeks and them into setting her up with promises to do better only to get mixed back up in crack and her old crack friends.

Don't get me wrong I love her and want to her to get her shit togeather but I hate seeing the rollercoaster ride she keeps taking us on.

Ok in other news I am now 33 weeks pregnant. I am hoping to be deliver in 3 to 4 weeks but like Roman I am having to fight every step of the way. The midswives kicked me out last week and into the high risk practice. some thing was said about my placenta but I have no idea what it is because I can't get astraight answer out of anyone. Know I have to do some 24 hour urine test because my blood presure seems to be hight than it should be. Actually it is better know that it is normally so I don;t know what the hell is going on.

Roman's birthday is in about two weeks. I cannot believe he is going to be 1 year old. This year has gone by so fast. I would love to post a picture of him but he ate the UBS cord to my camera so I have to get another one before I can do that.

Well that all for know folks I hope to be able to write again soon. I'll do the best I can.

Until then.

03 May 2006

And You Thought Frank Was His Father


sponge bob

As pointed out so kindly by Pam, my child has Sponge Bob teeth. Ok, fine. I admit it. Frank is not Roman's father. But don't tell him because Sponge Bob is to big of a star to come and father his son. I need Frank around to take up the slack. Now I bet you are wondering who fathered the girl. I will keep it to myself, why should ya'll know everything.

27 April 2006

Sorry, We're out of Milk

Yesterday was the first day and night that Roman was not nursed. I have been feeling things change in that area for a couple of weeks. We had pretty much gone to night nursing and only one or two times a day. That was bad a enough. Roman has been slow putting weight on so the doctor suggested at his 9 month check up that I try him on formula once a day. Needless to lay he was not hav'in it. He will drink a cup of juice a day but NO formula. I can understand because it smells terrible.

Well the day before yesterday he bit the fire out of both of my nipples. It hurt, BAD! Frank suggested that I pump for a couple of days to give them time to heal. I started pumping upon waking yesterday and then two hour after that, producing less than half an ounce. I was devastated. How long has this been going on? Is this why he bit the crap out of me? Have I been dehydrating my baby?

When I started out nursing him I committed to a year. It's been a week short of 11 months. Rita says that is great. I think not so much, I am not done.

Yesterday left me with a delimia of what in the world is my baby going to drink? I tried formula again. After he threw it across the room I called his doctor. She said that she was not happy about it but whole milk and vitamins would be fine. I was already doing the vitamins so I got the milk out. Guess what? He hates that too. For those who no nothing about breast milk it is sweet. Making everything else taste bitter I guess. I finally broke down and added a tiny drop of strawberry syrup against my better judgement and of course he loved it!

Well, last night I convinced him his pacifier was ok, instead of my boob. He actually did ok. So just like that, It's over. I am so sad. I was not done. I am going to miss nursing my little baby. Yeah, I know I have one that will be here in about 7 weeks that will be breastfeeding but it's not the same. I. Want. To. Breast. Feed. Roman. The. End.

26 April 2006

Back Pain

I have been up for hours now with some awful back pain and contractions. Once i get out of the bed it feels better. I have been doing this every couple of weeks for a while. I guess it is the whole dehydration thing. Whatever it is, it hurts. Makes me hope that I do not have back labor.

And the fact that Roman was super restless last night is not helping. I am so tired. I hope that if I stay up a little while long er I can go back to sleep. Wish me luck.

24 April 2006

Roman 10 and a half Months


Roman is now 10 and a half months and has decided to that crawling is not such a bad idea. I had pretty much decided he was never going to crawl just stand up and walk. He is growing way to fast.

Belly Gallery Updated

28 weeks pregnant.


Nelson's belly at my 28 weeks pregnant.


Allen's butt at my 28 weeks pregnant.

My boys don't have any sense but you have to love them for the weirdness!

21 April 2006

Happy Anniversary

Thanks for the last five years. The good and the bad!

I Love You!


19 April 2006

No Hope Left

My sister left rehab today.

My mother refuses to go to church tonight.

17 April 2006


I know I have not been around in a couple of weeks but I have some really good reasons.

1) Frank's uncle spent a week in the ICU while here on vacation.
2) Frank's uncle died
3) Sister finally went in rehab....Thank You God!
4) We went to Louisianna for funeral
5) Stopped many many times to sight see and take pictures inclding a overnight in New Orleans.
6) Grandmother is now in hospital.

I have a million pictures I hope to get uo soon.

30 March 2006

Ducky PJ's

Roman is trying very hard to get mobile. He can scoot across floors on his butt is this postiion

Wanted to get a picture of him in these PJ's before he outgrew them because they are so darn cute. He is sitting in my $13 glider. Still makes me smile!

Patty Cake

29 March 2006

Belly Gallery

12 Weeks

16 Weeks

20 Weeks


24 March 2006

A Little Something To Get You Through The Weekend

Roman on his Daddy's lap eating broccoli. Stupid camera always leaves red or white eyes. I get tired of fixing it so I left it.

Roman loves toast with butter and cinnamon/suger. He ate all of that plus some baby food. Pig.

Roman started eating big boy food this week because he is not gaining weight. Here he is eating ham, broccoli, and lima beans and rice. I also have to supplement one feeding a day with formula which sucks but if it helps I will. Roman always looks high in pictures. Maybe I shoudn't have boiled his broccoli in bong water.

What you don't see is Ritapita and I playing with him (and reading trashy mags) at the bookstore while we waited on our movie to start. That kid is so freakin cute!

New Ticker

22 March 2006

The Truth

I had to go through the quiz to get the questions to do this because I forgot what I ask. I am going to go through each one and give an explantion to each question.

1) My favorite singer is Elton John. Love Him. I have for a really long time and I don't care who laughs at me for it. Incidentally this information is covered in my profile.

2) Ok this is the question that upset my husband. Most people who know probably did say police officer because I have always said that. My first major in college was medical because I wanted to be "Quincy" See most people don't even know who that is. Including most of my friends who on the average are about 10 years younger than I am. I switched my major to history because I wanted to be a college professor and I super sucked at math and science which is apparently is a must to be a ME. Then last but not least I switched to Criminal Justice/Soc where I finally felt at home.

Now my husband said that I was still doing the History major when we met. So there is no way he would have known aboput the other. I say "Hello!" That's where listening comes in handy during the get to know you stage of a relationship.

3) Yes, I sadly lost my virginity in a graveyard. Well actually, in a Camry that was parked in the graveyard. It was my boyfriends senior prom. After two and a half years of waiting the deed took place in the back seat while I still wore a blue prom dress.

4) Queen Latifah pops up in my dreams all the time. Not all sexual but some have been Weird, right?

Only Rita knows about my Queen Latifah dreams. Well, until this quiz.

5) I love Coke. Remember March 1, Ash Wednesday. When I gave it up for Lent.

6) All of the movies listed I adore. But If Lucy Fell is my all time favorite. Can't explain why. Just is. Again, in my profile. (I'm just saying)

This was a trick question to my husband because he knows I like all of these movies. He chose Knotting Hill because I am always looking for that one to buy. We can never find it.

7) This too was covered a couple of post back. Feb. 3, to be exact. I am getting the impression that even though you may read I am not leaving a permanent mark in some of your heads'. We are gonna have to change that.

8) I am a TV/Movie watcher. I really am hooked on the three shows listed. I used to have 'Lost' on that list but they bore me now. My only complaint is, they show to many damn reruns and not enough new shows. I HATE that!

9) Out of all the names I listed Sage is my favorite. I am trying to get Frank to feel the same way about it. It is growing on him. We have pretty much decided that Olivia will be her middle name. I guess we will see. I have started calling her "What's her name" until he decides what ihe wants to name our dauhgter.

19 March 2006

My Turn

Now we will see how well every knows me. I know for a fact there is one question that only Rita know the answer to. we will see if anyone can guess the right answer. Have fun!

Frank you better get at least 8 out 9 of these right.

Frank is pissed because he missed 3 out of nine. He says I never share my dreams with him and this the first he has heard of what I wanted to be when I grow up. I say he never listens to me.

He also signed under the scoreboard as "me" which makes it look like I failed my own quiz.

Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!

It's Like A Sickness, I can't stop Taking These Quizes

You Are 40% Boyish and 60% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

17 March 2006

23 weeks Pregnant


I went to the OB yesterday. I was officially 23 weeks yesterday but my belly measures 25 weeks. I have no idea what that means. The midwife said that I just may have a big baby in there.After having 4 little ones I highly doubt that.

I have finally gained some weight. As of last checkup at 19 weeks I had only gained a half a pound for the whole pregnany because of morning sickness. So I was very happy to gain five punds making a grand total of 5 and a half pounds now. Yeah!!!! With Roman i had already gained like 20 punds so I was very worried. I feel better now and with the combination of big belly I REALLY feel better.

My Blood Preasure looked good which is great because of my history of non-pregnant high BP. Baby girl's heartbeat sounded great. I am showing no signs of preterm labor and only have slight itching going on. All looks good.

Next appointment is on the 16th of April. Pray that I will still be itch free. I am.

16 March 2006

Wrong Number


Me: Hello
Him: Who's this?
Me: Who's this?
Him: Gigalo
Me: Ummm...Who else could it be?
Him: Longdong
Me: Hehehe...Who else could it be?
Him: Bigdaddy
Me: Ok, really who is this?
Him: Chris
Me: Chris who?
Him: Chris Mc*****
Me: I don't know any Chris Mc*****
Him: Maybe I dialed a wrong number.
Me: Yeah, but it's been entertaining.
Him: That was pretty good, huh?
Me: Yep
Him: I'll call the right number now.
Me: OK



I went to my 6 month OB appointment today I will tell you about it tomorrow. I am to tired to do it now.

13 March 2006

No Really, We Went Fishin'

This is how all Sundays should be spent. Fishing with friends and relaxing with our kids. When we left our fishing spot there were three balloons be filled and launched and we got their in time to see them do their thing. It really was a good day. Hopefully one of many for the this summer.

RitaPita and Xavier fishing in the canal beside her house.

Hotmama and Roman. Cute hat right? Not me, him silly.

Trey fixing his fishing pole. He is sooo the teen with the long hair.

Hotdaddy and Nelson. Somehow we did not get one picture of Allen. Weird.

Hotmama and Roman again. Looking hot of course. Roman, not so much Hotmama.

Roman after he put a serious hurtin' on some ginger snaps.

RitaPita's pride and joy. Notice his new snazzy Sponge Bob Square Pants fishing pole.

Hot air balloon picture number one but actually hot air balloon nuber three in launching..

This picture taken for sister-in -law that is a major Georgia fan.

How many people does it take to fill up a hot air balloon.

You can see what a gorgeous day we had yesterday.