16 June 2006

Why can't It Be Easy

I had my amnio yesterday. Our tried rather. Sage decided to back into the pocket BOTH times needle was inserted. I had gone in having terrible cramps and contractions so DR did internal exam before a third stick and I was 3 cm 80% effaced. Which is progress from Tuesday. He sent me to L&D where I was monitored for a couple of hours. I did not make any more prgress with my steady contractions so he sent me home.

I have to go back to L&D at 5pm today. I will be checked again and if I am 4 cm he is going to induce if not they are going to keep me and try to do amnio again. Hopefully inducing with positvie mature lungs.

The amnio was a nightmare. It was agood long 20 minutes of needle being lft in to try and get her out of pocket.Dr was physcally pushing her to one side. It did not work but it was very painful.

My bag is packed for the hospital tonight. I plan on not coming home until I have my daughter.

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