15 June 2006

No Sleep For The Weary

Well here it is almost 4am and I am up again itching and having contractions. I really thought that something would have happened by now considering I am dialated some and effaced a lot but I guess like the rest of my children it is going to have to be baby Sage's idea.

I have my amnio sheduled for noon today and we should have results back in the afternoon. I pray that her lungs are ready. I am soooo ready tohave this little girl. I am also ready to play and hold my son again. He has been so neglected of attention from me for about a weeks now because I feel so crappy. The god thing about this is the fact that he has had a chance to bond with his father. They are closer than ever. He crawls around yelling "daddy." If Frank goes up the stairs or out he door he follows behind him crying. When Frank reapears he is so happy.

I am going to try and go back to sleep soon. will be back latter on today to let you know if we are having a baby tomorrow or not.

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